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Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by Double Beard, Jan 7, 2011.

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    Looking to book a hunt in KS for myself and two buddies, one of which has never killed a tom, Any recommendations for self guided locations?
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    Don't go to southeast Kansas. I have been going there for 7 yrs and tagged out every year in 2 days till the last couple years. Heavy flooding the last 3 springs has hurt their hatch. We saw one longbeard last year and never heard a gobble where in years past we lost count of gobbling birds after hearing 30.

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    I think that is the trend for KS as a whole. Like Arkansas, I am sure it varies by area, but where we hunt is down compared to 7 or 8 years ago. Hunting pressure has went through the roof, both from out of state hunters and locals. When we started up there, local turkey hunters were few and far between. Now, many of them we know are doing it. Plus, land access has started to dwindle and will continue to do so. Due to the trend in age of gobblers we have killed in the last couple of years, plus the fact we see and hear less turkeys, I think the hatch has suffered some recently. KS may never be what it was a few years back. Stories of guys killing WAY too many doesn't help things, of course some of that may be nothing more than imbellished lies.

    As far as the original question, I would just go to the KS dept. website and look for maps, etc. No matter where you go you should find turkeys.
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    I second this notion. I have been going since 2005 and even in the last two years we have noticed a significant decline. We see maybe 1/10 of the number of turkeys in fields that we used to driving around. Hunting is definitely getting tougher as well since there are fewer gobblers and still hens around. Personally I would look elsewhere like Northern MO.
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    I've heard that the new abbreviation for Kansas is NE.:whistle:
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    For true!
    Nebraska is the new Kansas! :thumb:
  7. Been hearing it could also Kansas=MO, decline in Kansas and has also been goiing down in NE also, MO is coming up strong again
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    not sure where everyone else is hunting, but the place i've been going north central kansas i have never seen so many birds, i hunt public land for the past 6 years. the trick is run and gun, dont spend to much time on one property, the birds are there, just find them, we average seeing 40 to 50 birds a day, last year only hunted 5 1/2 hours of a 5 day trip. we were done by 11:30 on the first day. 3 hunters 6 birds [​IMG]
    i called up one long beard with 3 other toms hanging back about 70 yards, my buddy which had never killed a bird before shot the first one, which it started flopping around and i started tearing it up on the diaphram and all three toms ran straight up to him and started fighting the dead bird, so four birds down.