Knobel, AR

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  1. AirForceHawg

    AirForceHawg Well-Known Member

    I got the opportunity to visit Knobel last weekend, and a friend of a friend, a big time local farmer, showed us around. All I can say is that, as an NWA boy, I'd love to get some hunts in over there. Saw some big deer and more ducks than I thought even existed.
  2. grassduck

    grassduck Well-Known Member

    Home of the Argo!

  3. AirForceHawg

    AirForceHawg Well-Known Member

    Okay, there must be something I'm missing. The guy I met had a barn full of Argos.

    PUDDLE Well-Known Member

    Unless they have modified Argo's, they won't hold up in the gumbo.

    I love hunting them swamp bucks. :up:
  5. mossyhorn

    mossyhorn Well-Known Member

    im about 30 mins to love them ridge bucks.
  6. grassduck

    grassduck Well-Known Member

    Did the guy meet have the intials F.S.?
  7. AirForceHawg

    AirForceHawg Well-Known Member

    JS. Does the Quacker Shack have any significance to you?
  8. Coldwater

    Coldwater Well-Known Member

    Joey sellemeyer and his brother own several thousand acres of prime duck and deer land.
  9. grassduck

    grassduck Well-Known Member

    Thought it might have been Fred Sain. Selemeyer's have some nice property around there also.
  10. xtremebowhunter

    xtremebowhunter Well-Known Member

    small world Fred Sain is my brothers FIL. He married his daughter Pam.

    can't remember exactly who it was but back when I was younger I read meters for the electric company, there was a man there who's meter was in his garage (show room) he had bucks after bucks after bucks after ducks all over the walls!
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  11. Coldwater

    Coldwater Well-Known Member

    In Knobel? Wasn't ole man Walker was it?
  12. xtremebowhunter

    xtremebowhunter Well-Known Member

    sounds about right but thats been too many years and too many beers ago :fit::chug:
  13. dirtdart

    dirtdart Well-Known Member

    Didn't he have a shooting rest on his truck window?
  14. lonwen99

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  15. AirForceHawg

    AirForceHawg Well-Known Member

    Winner winner mallard dinner. It was Joey. Talk about a class act, he's one nice guy.
  16. Mr. Chitlin

    Mr. Chitlin Administrator Staff Member

    NE Ark
    I've been to Calvin's house many times and helped him score some of his collection. He has a collection most of us can only dream about.
  17. lonwen99

    lonwen99 Member<br>2010-11 Deer Hunting Contest Winner

    You got that right :thumb::flag:
  18. BigBuckDown

    BigBuckDown Well-Known Member

    I thought the home of the argo was Rector,AR that where i bought mine at.
  19. Black River

    Black River Well-Known Member

    I went to school at Knobel until it closed, have some good old memories there. They've let the old gym about fall down. My Pop painted that gym floor, Mustangs and horseshoes and all and took such good care of it, sad to see it fall into ruin. And yes, some prime hunting over there.
  20. Nomosendero

    Nomosendero Well-Known Member

    Just don't be there in the summer, they have trophy class Mosquitos too! :eek: