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Knight Disc Rifle *

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I have a Knight Disc rifle 50 caliber for sale. Very nice gun, black with SS barrel. It has been very accurate for me with 100 grains of pyrodex and CVA powerbelts. It has an older Redfield 3 x 9 x 40 scope and Burris bases. Not a very good picture but you can PM your email address if you would like additional pictures. I will sell the gun and scope for $275.


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I am located in Hot springs.

Thanks for looking.

is this the orange 209 holders and not the red----i think i know which one it is
Yes! Shoots the orange disc. I have several disc that will go with the gun.
I have one just like & wouldn't have any other!
It is a Very good gun. I am hesitant to part with it but I would like to try the T/C triumph
Stick with the Knight, I doudt you see any differents in accuracy between the to .And to me I think the knight handles just a little bit better for me when shooting off hand.
I may very well do that. Just thinking the T/C may be easier to clean. From the reviews it seems like some people love them and some not so much. I would really be sick if I paid for the triumph and it wasn't as accurate
$200 OBO for gun, bases and rings. The scope is promised to Demented. He has just about talked me into keeping it so if it doesn't go in the next day or two I guess I will keep in the safe.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts