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Kind Hunter/Lost Dog...Can Anyone help?? PLEASE!!!!!

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My Rottweiler went missing from the Mountainburg area National Forest right before muzzle-loading season on OCT 13. Believed he was picked up by a kind hunter and taken out of the area. This is an X-Large Rottweiler, almost 2 years old and NOT a hunting dog. He is just a big ole goofy dog who ran off with the neighbors' dog and was not paying attention to where he was going. Easy to get turned around in these parts.

If he got shot and killed, I can handle that better than I can handle not knowing what happened. If anyone has ANY information, if you know someone who recently aquired a large male intact Rottie, please, please let me know. Home phone is #479-369-2350. There is NO caller ID on this phone. If the hunter has decided to keep this dog, I will be sad, but I will rest easier knowing he is OK. Not knowing is the worst!! He NEEDS MEDICINE and there is a REWARD. Thank you for taking the time to read this!!

He is a companion/protector to a single Mom whose 3 sons are in the military. Thanks again!!
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Bump for good luck, hope you find him or get a good word !!
You ain't no kind hunter if you keep this lady's dog, I hope you find your dog soon. :twothumbs
Thank you! I keep looking... I tried to give up three times, but have dreamed him coming home to me three times...
I hope he is getting his medication so he doesn't go blind and I hope he has a raquetball (not a tennisball), because he loves to play with the raquetball because it bounces so well. He will play with it for hours!
Thanks to all!
Also, I do not think this hunter is unkind..., only found a lost dog..., a really nice dog and decided to keep him. He (dog) is friendly, has great personality and is really sweet. I can't imagine some one would keep him knowing he belongs to someone else. If I do not find him..., at east I tried!! Thanks again for all your help and good wishes.
Thanks to all for the good wishes and kindness you have shown. Buddha has now been gone four months and I have received no more calls about him. I will continue to look for him and one day, someone will see him and help the man that took him to DO THE RIGHT THING. You are a great bunch!! Dog Vertebrate Dog breed Canidae Mammal


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Good luck. I hope you find him soon
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