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Discussion in 'Campfire' started by archeryman.501, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. archeryman.501

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    I want to give Revnate a big thank you for a kind deed. Never met him personally but I just wanted the crowd to know that I apprieciate him and what he did for me.
    With all the negative and depressing junk going around lets hear some stories about some good things that members have done for each other.
  2. thomasw_lrd

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    The members on here are some great folks. Between delivering a free hot water heater halfway across the state, helping Maddie and her folks out, not to mention all the praying members do. It's a great place to hang out online.

  3. AF2007

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    I was just getting into hunting when I moved to NWA. Didn't know my ankle from my elbow when it came to hunting public land around here. Several folks on here gave me great advice and put me on the deer. I've swapped gear with folks and shared hunting spots. I'm sure that if I were ever in a bind, the people on here would step up. This is a great board.
  4. THExONE

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    Speaking of which. I need to get your blind back to ya.
  5. JB Weld

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    I have sold, traded, and given away things to various members on this forum. All of them have been great to deal with and visit with. I always allow time to visit when making a deal because we always get to talking.
  6. I personlly never sold anything on this site but have bought several items from members and I would have to say I have never had a bad experience! Everytime I go to someone's house to get a bought item it seems like its hard to leave, we start talking hunting/fishing/kids/etc; they have all been great guys! Thx AH.NET!
  7. CBD

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    There are many good people on here and I enjoy reading the posts and their thoughts on certain subjects. I will say though, just like with most groups of people, there is a sort of clannish feel to this board whereas if you happen to disagree with the dominant thought you may not be very welcome. This is not a slur to the people of this board, I believe this is just human nature as a whole.

    Over-all though, it is a very good board. There are very many knowledgeable people on here who know about guns, re-loading, etc. and you hear very little "wrong" information.
  8. ozarkthunder

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    Was complaning a few years ago about having a hard time finding ammo at deer season,(being well prepared and all,like i usually am) ,a member who does not know me offered me some for free,how is that for a act of kindness.
  9. flydown

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    I knew a family that needed a water heater just before jcp went to North Dakota and he donated one for me to give to them and offered to help with installation if they needed it.
    Several years ago a member of this board did something for me that was very generous. I will not say who it was but he will know who I am talking about if he sees this thread. Currently one of my biggest dreams in life is that I will be able to pay him back someday. One of my biggest regrets is that I did not treat him with the respect that he deserves and I am certain that it is more of a loss for me than it is for him. I lost the opportunity to have a long and wonderful friendship with someone who I consider to be a good person. He never mentioned it and may not ever mention it, but I think about it almost daily and regret that I treated him the way I did.

    Yes, I told him that I regret the way I treated him.
  10. BowHunter21

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    I've bought several things off here and have dealt with stand-up guys 100% of the time! Don't get as leery bout the stuff I come across on here anymore like I do with stuff on craigslist and other sites..
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  11. Lt Gibson

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    Where do I start? Let's see...hundreds of pairs of expensive wool socks sent to my guys while in Afghanistan, tons of magazines, DVDs, food, even gear. Ummm I was sent a custom quiver, broad heads, and traditional archery. Bought a browning 10 gauge, for less than what it was worth, letters to my guys while over there too. Did I mention the gummi bears we received? Millions! I could go on and on about how nice everyone has been, even though I can be a jerk on here at times. Thanks y'all!
  12. Lt Gibson

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    Oh yea....I never paid a dime in shipping.
  13. CBD

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  14. BDW

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    I was glad to help out with the Christmas water heater delivery.

    As far as what these great folks have done for Maddie and our family, I wouldn't know where to start. It's been overwhelming to say the least.

    I challenge everyone to a random act of kindness. It could be anything from helping a little old lady with a flat tire or giving an extra $20 tip to a kind, hard working waitress or waiter that needs it for Christmas. :up:
  15. Revnate

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    I haven't done anything or you that you haven't done for others, archeryman- or that hasn't been done for me.

    Kindness is more valuable than stuff. Most folks figure that out at some point in life. The rest die sad.

    Ephesians 4:28 Anyone who has been stealing must steal no longer, but must work, doing something useful with their own hands, that they may have something to share with those in need.
  16. hillbillycycles

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    I belive in karma and good blessings. Thus far in life I feel pretty darn blessed and know I need to pay it forward. I have purchased and given away items on this site. Every time with great feelings. Overall, pretty good bunch of folks and I consider it an honor to be involved with the group.
  17. allyellow

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    I haven't been given the opportunity on here to help. But, I did just help the neighborhood yahoo that was causing me grief, pick up the pieces of his crotch rocket he strolled up the road in front of the house about an hour ago.