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  1. JohnnyMac

    JohnnyMac Well-Known Member

    I've been kicking around the idea of getting a kimber 84M in 308.

    Wondered if any one has any experience with them.
  2. CBD

    CBD Well-Known Member

    I love the looks of this rifle and was wanting one in a .308 also, unfortunately I have heard that Kimber has been having problems with accuracy and people have been sending some back to the company. I don't know if true or not but that has kind of scared me off of them a little with them being a fairly expensive rifle.

  3. WillyB71

    WillyB71 Well-Known Member

    I retired my old 1970 built flatbolt Ruger 77 .308 after last season & went looking for a Kimber 84M in .308 or 7mm-08.

    I did the research on the accuracy problem rumors & decided that it was mostly guns made several years ago, they had fixed the problem some time ago, and as long as I bought a new one (not someone else's problem) I should be OK.

    After looking around for about a month, I saw a 6 lb 2 oz NIB 24" barrel 84L Classic in .270 Win with extra curly figured walnut that was priced right on gunbroker ($900), in late January.

    I bought it.

    I love that rifle because of the way it looks, the super light weight, and the way it shoots.

    I got 1 1/4" average groups right out of the box with Rem core loct 130s and am still playing with handloads. Some groups right at 1", which I think is plenty good for a barrel that light.

    I put a 4x16 Burris Signature scope on it with lightweight one piece Tally mounts & wound up with a rifle that I can hike up a mountain with out West or sit in my fav stand with in Ouachita County.

    If I could figure a way to get a pretty little 22" barreled 84M in .243 (5 lbs, 14 oz?) without my wife beating me to death with it, I would do it.
  4. tony r

    tony r Well-Known Member

    i know a guy that just sent 2 back & kimber called him confirming that they did not shoot up to their standard & would be rebarreling them both. tony