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Discussion in 'General Hunting Topics' started by dryoga, Feb 23, 2018.

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    My son who is now 26 started hunting with me at age 6, not because of a law, but because I thought at that age he could handle going. He never killed anything until he was 12, which was a squirrel and he didn't kill his first deer until age 15, both by himself. My daughter age 28 just like going, but never wanted to kill anything. My 13 yo son doesn't care a thing about hunting. The whole getting up early, bugs, uncomfortable temperatures, killing an animal, etc, doesn't appeal to him, but he does like fishing. some folks just don't like hunting. My 9 yo is like me, always ready to go, if we don't kill anything he's good with it, just a chance to go his all he wants. This past year I bought him a Cricket 22, which we did a lot of shooting with. Went Dove hunting, squirrel hunting, and deer hunting. While no animals were harmed in these endeavors he carried his gun, loaded it and was ready to shoot with it while I sat next to him. I gotta tell y'all though when we went deer hunting, seeing him holding my grandpas 20 gauge loaded with a slug and 2 OO buckshot sure brought back some good memories of when I carried that gun.
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    My boy killed his first deer, a spike, in 2016 when he was 6 with a Ruger .243. He killed a 9 point in 2017 with the same gun. On the 9 point, my FIL, put the gun over the side of the stand for him so he wouldn't bang it and scare the deer off at 50 yards. He found the deer in the scope, took the safety off and shot him right behind the shoulder all by himself. He's a big kid. He bigger than most of the 9 year olds he plays baseball/basketball/football with. He was ready at 6 years old. I rarely take my .308 anymore when hunting with him.
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    I don't think the episode of the AGFC TV show on the boy getting his first deer did much to change the impression that some kids are pushed too young. That was awkward to watch honestly. I'm sure they could have found a better example of a kid truly ready and having fun. Like some of the kiddos you all have and have shown proud pictures of here.
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    I’m not a fan of people who don’t know me, my kids, or my situation trying to tell me when my kids are or are not ready to hunt. Just saying...
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    My older boy got his first deer at 7 years old. He aimed and fired by himself. He's now 10 and already up to 10 deer. He loves hunting. He has killed ducks, squirrels and a turkey.

    My younger boy is not as comfortable at 7 years old. I'm not going to force him to kill one. He's just as happy going with me and his brother and enjoying the wildlife. He might get his first one next year, if he's ready.
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    I knew I would strike a cord with some of you. Remember, I bring out topics to discuss, not to argue or be disrespectful. If you think it is beneath you to reply and dignify this topic then don't. I know that some children are ready to hunt sooner than others in terms of handling a gun. Some are ready sooner to take on the responsibilities of gun safety. The same can be said of being allowed to drive, drink, or vote among other things, But we still put age restrictions on them. I realize that most on here monitor and supervise their child very closely. What about the parent or supervisor that doesn't. Being 74, I don't actually remember when my son started hunting with me. He was young. We started my grandson off when he was too young. When he was around 8, I don't remember exactly, he was shooting a single barrel dove hunting. His Dad was right beside him. Some doves came in, he got excided, tried to shot with the butt of the gun under his arm pit, gun flies up, and the hammer hits him in the face. We had to take him to the hospital for stiches. It took him a while before he wanted to shoot any more. Now, he had rather hunt or fish than anything. He has killed doves, ducks, and several deer. I don't have all the answers. I just like to look at all sides of an issue and get others to voice their opinion. You never know, sometimes good things come out of discussions like this.
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    I say this not to argue your point, but the others you listed are very different in that they all can have a direct, and immediate impact on others.

    In theory, we could have the same discussion about fishing, in that it requires the child to be able to accurately use a fishing pole, and possibly cast. Have to attach a bait in some manner, and then remove a fish if caught without getting hooked themselves. I don't think anyone thinks there should be any type of age limit on fishing, provided suitable supervision is given.
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    So I shouldn’t be able to take my kid and let him hunt when he’s ready, at let’s just say 6 years old, because your grandson wasn’t ready to hunt at a certain age, and there was lack of supervision for him on his first hunt? Sorry but that just doesn’t fly with me. You said it yourself that you know and understand that all kids are ready at different ages, but then in the next breath say we ought to set an mandatory age? That’s ridiculous. You do what’s best for you and yours, and let everyone else do the same. If you think a kid is too young and can’t safely handle his gun safely, that’s an easy fix, don’t hunt with them. Most Dad and kid combo’s I hunt/have hunted with, the Dad never picked a gun up off the tree, and was thrilled his kid was there and didn’t care if he shot or not. Why should they be regulated because of someone else’s problem? Nah. I’m good.
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    My boy killed his first deer at 3.5 yr old but he is u usually large and talented.
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    Still are from what I see.
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    Started my son at 6 but he couldn’t handle the cold so the hunts didn’t last long. He shot my lever 22 a lot in a couple of years but I wouldn’t let him shoot a deer caliber rifle. At age 7 he took his first deer a 7 point. He did it all himself, I was right beside him with my hands hovering over him the entire time. He got an 8 point at 8 years and a 9 point at 9 years. He thought that’s how it worked. The trend stopped at 10 when he got a big 6 point. He is 15 now and still loves the hunt and I’m still by his side. Hopefully it will always be that way but I doubt it. Cudos to all y’all teaching your kids or any kid to hunt and enjoy the outdoors.
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    NE Ark
    Enjoy it while it lasts, brother!! My son loves hunting but work took him 6+ hours away. He still gets to hunt with me a time or 2 a year but it's not like it used to be. I still enjoy hunting by myself but I sure like to share hunts with him too.
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    I made the rule of 9 for my girls and then they had to prove they could handle the rifle safely.
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    Don't make assumptions about the supervision of my grandson, and I will not make them about you or your children or grandchildren. He was closely supervised while dove hunting and simple got excited as several doves came in and shot when the gun was not firmly on his shoulder. I have not suggested a specific age. The AG&F have for a youth hunting big game. A youth can not be 5 or under and hunt big game in Arkansas. A poster said that drinking, driving, and voting have direct and immediate impact while hunting with a gun does not. I simple disagree and think that hunting with a gun can certainly have direct and immediate impact. Who of us parents and grandparents have not been guilty of bragging too much on our children and grandchildren about their hunting ability at a young age. How often have they been push into something like hunting when they were not ready. Some of you have said that you realized that one or more of your children were not ready when your other children were. That is great. What worries me is the parents who are not as understanding and want to push their children when they shouldn't. That can be said of so many things in life. I really think that those of you that have taken the time to respond have invested the time and effort to teach your child how to hunt safely and ethically. I feel like I have with my son and grandsons. I don't want to tell anyone what to do just as don't want anyone telling me what to do. Excepted when I ask questions on here which I do quite often. I do expect us all to hunt safely, legally, ethically. By the way, my two daughters have never been the least interested in hunting. I have a 3 year old granddaughter that I have hopes for.
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    I said drinking, driving, and voting have an immediate impact on OTHERS. I do agree that hunting has an immediate, almost always positive impact as well, however it doesn't impact others, thus the differentiation
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    You tell me not to assume anything about your son or grandson(that’s fair) but then go on in your post assuming things about others ability to supervise/decide when their kids are ready to hunt. You can’t have it both ways... this whole post is you assuming you know things about how others handle their kids. So, sorry, but that doesn’t carry much weight .
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    After giving this much thought, here is what I think. Frist, it is what I think, and I am in no way trying to tell anyone what to do. Second, the legal age to hunt big game in Arkansas is 6 years. Third, I sincerely belief that I am talking to the choir here, in that the people on this forum are experienced hunters and have taught and supervised their children in hunting safety, skill, and ethics. I know I am making an assumption here. My own feeling is that when I take a young hunter with me that is not very experienced, the child has my full attention to the point I don't even think about shooting myself. Actually, that goes for anyone that I take hunting whether they are a child or adult. If they go with me and are new to the sport of hunting, I supervise them whether they like it or not. If I take someone fishing that is not very experienced, the same holds true. I don't fish I just watch after them. I guess I just worry too much. I think the Hunter Safety Program is great. My hope and prayer is that us adults teach and supervise our child properly. I am fine with the laws the way they are. My wish is that everyone enjoys the great outdoors with their children and grandchildren as I do with mine. Not to split hairs, but experience is hard to measure. Generally, I am talking about new people to the sport of hunting and fishing.
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    An age that is deemed old enough to hunt should be an age that the child has been taught that it is disrespectful to prop their foot on the animal. About like an adult sitting on an animal.
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    This is such a worthless thread. It's actually very simple. And this applies for many other threads on this site. It's simple...

    Control your situation...
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