kemmer cur vs. mountain cur

Discussion in 'Huntin' Dogs' started by Trevor_williams, Aug 26, 2013.

  1. Trevor_williams

    Trevor_williams Well-Known Member

    Whats the difference? Whats can u breed a kemmer cur to? Mountain cur?
  2. Trevor_williams

    Trevor_williams Well-Known Member

    No one know anything about it either or what??

  3. englishdawgs

    englishdawgs Well-Known Member

    To the best of my knowledge the kemmer cur is a bloodline that was formed by Robert kemmer! If i am not mistake. They can all be bred together and registered as treeing curs or mountain curs! Most bloodlines like the kemmers have there own breed registery. But most big name kc like ukc and nkc reg .them as treeing curs or mountain curs I may be wrong but that is how i understand it to be.
    There is a breed called the Cajun squirrel dog also known as hybrid kemmers that are kemmers crossed on Mullin s fiest to form there breed! :
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  4. alexanderg23

    alexanderg23 Well-Known Member

    I've got a OMCBA cur and it has some Kemmers in its bloodline. He's awesome and can really tree squirrels
  5. englishdawgs

    englishdawgs Well-Known Member

    For a lot of great info on the different bloodlines and squirrel dog breeds check out!
  6. Trevor_williams

    Trevor_williams Well-Known Member

    Ok an yea I got a 10 month old a guy fave me an he is doing awesome
  7. shady grove

    shady grove Well-Known Member

    I always thought the main difference was color...
  8. earl blevins

    earl blevins Well-Known Member

    you are 100% right. kemmers are kemmers omcba is omcba. either can be reg. as treeing cur.
  9. j. english

    j. english Well-Known Member

    Kemmmers have less fiest in them. Lol... u can reg. The kemmer with ukc &u can reg. The omcba dog with ukc then u can reg. Pup ukc. Do the same with nkc or umca... & if u want kemmer reg. Litter u will have to get u a kemmer reg. Female.. I'm glad the 10 month old pup is already showing u tree game...
  10. abyrd

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    All of Robert Kemmers dog came from what is called the foundation stock. All of the foundation stock were reg. OMBCA as he keep breeding them he just let the OMBCA papers go back. There are still dogs out there that are reg. both ways. Both dogs will have both sets of papers to reg the puppies that way. You cant have one dog with both sets of papers and get the puppies reg. both ways. But you if one has both, and the other is OMBCA the puppies can be reg. OMBCA or if you breed to a kemmer and the puppies can be reg. kemmer.

    As for as the orginal question i perfer the Kemmer dogs. Maybe because i have had better luck with them starting early and they seem to be just a little smarter. There are certin blood lines with the kemmer dogs that i just dont care for.Not that they are bad dogs they just fit my hunting style.
    There are lots of guys out there that like the mountian curs better, Agian my hunting style does not agree with the dogs that i have hunted with. Maybe i havn't hunted with right one yet.

    I hope this helps
  11. T-man

    T-man Well-Known Member

    No disrespect, but a Kemmer cur is a mountain cur. So, my question is, what are you trying to find out here?
  12. bill warren

    bill warren Well-Known Member

    I squirrel hunted with a man couple yrs. ago. He had 7 young kemmer dogs all litter mates around 2 yrs. old. They would babble on a lot of trees Then just leave. I would have ended that in a bad way if they were mine. They were high breed also. pure kemmer reg.