Keltec's new bullpup shotgun

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  1. Mbpike

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    This dual tube fed 12 gauge holds 14+1. Not usually a really big fan of kel tec but this and there bullpup .308 have me wanting to drop some money on them

  2. Deerguru

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    Sweet looking gun. What's the cost on that?

  3. Nuge Fan

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    Kel-Tec’s newest revolutionary bull-pup design was announced over the weekend on the cover of the NSSF’s Shooting Industry magazine. Details of the new shotgun are sketchy, but presumably all will be made known at the upcoming NSSF SHOT Show.

    The shotgun bears a stunning resemblance to the South African designed Neostead pump action scattergun. The operator is able to move a switch located near the top of the grip to select the right or left tube, or move the switch to the center to eject a shell without chambering another round. The bull-pup design results in an overall length of only 26″ with an 18.5″ barrel while the bottom eject design makes the firearm truly ambidextrous.

    Shown next to the box of slugs in the photo to the left, you truly begin to get a sense of scale. The bull-pup design of the KSG makes it ideal for home defense and CQB. The incredibly short overall length makes it more nimble than a sawed off shotgun, and with a 14+1 capacity you don’t sacrifice ammunition capacity to get a shotty in a small package.

    Ammunition capacity is 14+1 with 2 3/4″ shells. The KSG is shown with a factory installed Picatinny rail with flip up sights and a pistol grip. MSRP is not known at the moment, nor is there an expected date of availability.
  4. Mbpike

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    From some other sites I'm on they are saying an MSRP of about 750 with a street price of around 500. We shall see. At 500 it would be a great toy. But I'm afraid that anything much over that they will be short lived.

    Just thing if they made that bad boy in a semi auto
  5. Mule659

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    I will be keeping my eye out for these. That looks like a sweet toy indeed.
  6. snydedawg

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    If they're anything like the RFB they will be EXPENSIVE!!

    I really want one... RFB that is... but just can't make myself spend it for a Kel-Tec.
  7. Mbpike

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    This is true. It's going to be hard for people to spend alot on a keltec but I'm hoping with these 2 new guns they turn over a new leaf in there production and start making high quality firearms that are very desirable
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    bet it would kick ya pretty good with some high brass! I like it!
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    I wonder if it comes with screw-in chokes, and plug(s) to limit it to 3 shots?:up:

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    I hear ya, those are short and handy looking. Just can't get used to the empties coming out the front tho...:eek: