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  1. Arkie_3_fan

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    A friend/coworker of mine had 10 guns stolen from his house yesterday. They got them right in the middle of town during broad daylight.
    I'll try and get more specifics on them later but I know they got a 12ga. 870 Wingmaster, an 870 turkey gun, Browning BAR, and a Remington bolt action.
    One of the rifles was a 270 with a 4.5 - 14 Leupold scope.
    They also got a Benelli Montefeltro (sp?) 20ga. and a Ruger MK II .22 pistol.
  2. flintknapper

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    I don't know how many of y'all don't have gun safes, but you need them. Man, I hate a thief.

    We got about that many stolen long ago, and 20 years later, we've only recovered one of them. Hope your friend has better luck.

  3. JR

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    I hate to hear about something like this, and I hope that they catch the no good sons of :censored: that did it. I just hate a :censored: :censored: lazy thief!
    Just a little FYI, if you have not done this you should write down the serial numbers of your guns, and store them in a safe place. I have most of my guns in a safe, with trigger locks on them. I have their serial numbers wrote down. (If someone does manage to break into the safe and steal my guns, I want them to have to waste more of their time getting the trigger locks off.) I have when & where I got them, and how much that they are worth. I picked up a little pamphlet type thing at Gander Mtn. one day that has a place for you to write all of this stuff down. I also took pictures of all of my guns and wrote down all of this information on the backs of the pictures, and I have made duplicate copies of all of this. I guess that I am just paranoid, but I figure that if something like this ever happens to me the more information that I can give to the police the better chance I stand to maybe get some of my stuff back. Not only is this a good idea in case someone steals the stuff that you have worked hard for, but its also valuable to have this information in case of a house fire, flood, or any other natural disaster. It's very sad that we live in a world like this, but if this is what it has come to I plan on being as well prepared and as safe as I possibly can.
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    JR gives good advise. I have listed all serial numbers and $ values of my guns as well. However I took it a step further and got my guns and bows
    there own insurance policy. That way if they are stolen, burned or whatever
    I haven't lost a whole lot that can't be replaced unless it was a handed down gun.

    BE ADVISED: Most homeowner insurance policies only cover up to a certain amount on guns. Generally a $1000 or less. I have insurance through farm
    bureau and my gun and bow insurance figures to be roughly $1 per $100 of
    insurance payed once a year. A small price to pay when you look at the alternative of replacing your firearms out of your own pocket.
  5. VALES

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    Bingo!!!! I did the same thing a couple years ago through Farm Bureau. I have roughly $10,000.00 worth on my firearms and they are in a safe to top it off.
  6. doug

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    I would suggest keeping a copy of your photos & serial numbers in a bank box or relatives house. That way if there is a fire or you are out of town when broken into you've got a back up of the information that you can get to pretty quickly.

  7. Yep and as VALE said I added a rider to cover my guns to the tune of $35,000
    and I need to reappraise them and adjust accordingly.
    They live in a big safe as added protection.

  8. My parents took out some extra insurance for ours, the agent said you would be amazed how many guns get stolen from homes. You can get a decent safe for about 500 bucks, well worth the effort. Assuming you don't break your back trying to get it in the house:smack:
  9. nice floors:thumb:

    and no flat screen HDTV??????? tisk tisk
  10. Not yet ............those things cost money.:frown:

    I do want a BIG one to take up most of that wall maybe this year.

    The heat pump replacement took a big bite out of my nut chest!!!:frown:
  11. flintknapper

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    The only reason we got that one rifle back was because we able to give the serial number to the police. Unfortunately, they did not enter the list of serial numbers we gave them into whatever system they had back then. We didn't discover this fact until about a year later when a deputy sherrif friend of ours checked the "data base" and found out they were never entered, so he entered them. Lo and behold, the one rifle was thus discovered when a search warrant was served on a suspected burgler's house about 10 years after our theft.

    Use every bit of advise given above. But if you're ever hit, be sure to follow up with the police department to make sure they do their part!
  12. Arkie_3_fan

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    He had all the serial #'s and stuff written down so the cops should have that info.
    I got to thinking about that stuff last summer and compiled a list of the majority of the guns that my dad and I have. I've got a few copies of the list printed out and also have it saved on three computers, an external HD and a jump drive. The list needs to be updated because my dad has added a few guns as well as got rid of a couple during the past few months and I've got one or two that need to be added.
    If we lived in something besides a mobile home then I'd certainly have a gun safe. My wife and I are saving for a house now and a gun safe will be one of the first things I buy to furnish it.

  13. Hey like the big tv I had to put some money back to get the big safe.
    They make non fire resistant safes that are reasonable.
    I had three of them prior to the big safe and actually still have them. bolt them to the wall and it makes it harder for them to be stolen.
    Homak used to make them and I am sure they still do. good investment to protect your guns IMO
  14. VALES

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    I have pics but the insurance agent said all he needs is the serial numbers and estimated value. The surprising thing is the insurance covers breakage of the firearms too.
  15. Arkie_3_fan

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    About how much did the non fire resistant safes cost you and where did you get them at if you don't mind my asking?
  16. buckhorn

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    Here Is A Catalog Worksheet To Use.

    I have created a little catalog for everyone to use. It isn't anything special, but it will work.
  18. Mine came from a friend who was buying blemished ones. I bought that one for $600 and the thing is HEAVY!
    I intended it to go to the bedroom but m wife said it looked fine there!:thumb:

    Gander mt,academy,ft thompson and sams I have seen them. just shop around and be ready for heavy. a heavy duty dolly with a third lag is a must. and golf balls or broom handles will help.
    OK put the broom handles or balls underneath the safe and it will roll for you.
  19. Nice work! welcome:thumb:
  20. JR

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    Thanks for posting this. Now everyone should use it. Make extra copies of it and put it in a safe place.