KATV's giant tower just fell

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by Gooch, Jan 11, 2008.

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    That thing was over a quarter mile tall, I'll bet we see some cool pictures tonight on TV news!
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    I work on the 12th floor of the Plaza West building here in LR and I can see the 2 towers that are still standing. Those things are tall! Wish i would have been watching when it fell. :thumb:
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    As long as you aren't trying to watch it on channel 7... :smack:
  6. It is now the world's shortest tower. :smack:
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    REDFIELD — A 2,000-foot television tower collapsed while workers were restringing guy wires, knocking a Little Rock television station off the air.

    KATV news director Randy Dixon said one person suffered a minor injury Friday when the tower collapsed in a field about 20 miles south of Little Rock. The station was working to establish a feed to restore its signal to the portion of its audience that obtains programming by satellite.

    Part of the work included temporarily setting up the satellite truck at the station's Little Rock headquarters to carry the signal.

    “We’re off the air. It’s a heckuva mess,” Dixon said.

    KATV is an ABC affiliate.

    The collapse also knocked out the analog signal of KETS, a Public Broadcasting Service affiliate in the Arkansas Educational Television Network. AETN said it could be several days before its analog signal was restored to viewers not using cable or satellite services.

    Digital programming broadcast from another tower for KETS continued unaffected.

    At the time it was completed in May 1967, the KATV tower was the second-tallest structure in the world, behind a 2,063-foot TV tower in North Dakota. It remained one of the world’s tallest structures until Friday’s collapse. It was a landmark along the four-lane highway between Little Rock and Pine Bluff, marking the approximate halfway point between the two cities.

    The National Weather Service at North Little Rock said winds were light about the time of the collapse.
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    Ill bet that company hopes they had their insurance paid up.

    There's no telling how much its gonna cost to put that thing back up.
  9. Crap, i hope they fix it before deer season next year. only tv station we can pickup good at camp

    I wonder how many deer stands, feeders, workshops a man could build with all that metal???
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    There goes the TV for the Bama game.....:censored:
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    Or longest, depending on how you look at it.