Karma has a way.

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by allyellow, Dec 5, 2012.

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    I have been on this kid down the street from me for weeks about doing wheelies and just flat out flying down the road when the kids are out playing in the yard. I have called the police a couple of times on him for the wreckless driving. They have talked to him about slowing it down and keeping it on two wheels. The next day he would be back at it doing wheelies and speeding and I would call again. The police have told me that unless they see it or I video him in the act, they can't do anything. So, I have been waiting on him to catch him in the act with my i-phone.If he see's me or thinks I am watching he will go by real slow, Then at night he will fly by here on one wheel just a getting it. Well just about ten min's ago I was sitting in my chair watching the news and here he comes, haulin :censored:. I look out just as he comes up on one wheel , then you hear this awful metal grind sound of him missing a gear on one wheel. Then as he slams the bike down and onto it's side he balls up and skids about 50 foot or more, sparks flying off the bike. So as I laughed at the sight i put my shoes on and went outside and checked on him, as I came out the neighbor across the street comes out to see what the thud sound was. Luckly he was ok but, his bike is shot there is a big gash in the tank, oil all over the road, his handle bar on right side broke off. The front wheel ruined blown out from the impact of it being slammed on the pavement. There is amber glass from the turn signal lens all over the road. He just really messed up the bike. As for him he had a hole in his jeans a little blood on them. He was wearing a helmet and gloves so he other than the scuff to the knee he is safe. When I went out there he was getting up and I asked him if he need's help or for me to call 911. He said no I am fine, then turned around and looked at me and realized who was speaking to him, and asked if I was going to call the police on him. I said no I wasn't, that I think he had enough problems and explained that this was the reason I was on him so much about doing the things he was doing . I asked him what would he have done if this happend while kids where playing and ran out in front of him. He said he didn't know because he didn't think that he would ever be in the spot he was in. I helped him get his bike back up and he rolled slowly back down the road to his house. Karma has a way.
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    Did you get pictures of his smashed up bike? After I found out he was ok I would have rolled tape.
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    Kudos to you. I am glad the "kid" is okay. It sounds to me as though you were only concerned about safety for everyone. You weren't just being a jerk like he was.
    You handled it well and he probably learned his lesson.
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    Stupid hurts!
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    No, thought he was embarrassed enough, though it couldn't have happened in a better spot right infront the person's house that was trying to stop it from happening.
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    Thanks, my concern was he only did it in front of the kids and I was afraid he would lose control and end up in the yard on one of the kids. He missed a street light pole by about a foot if it wasn't for the curb he would have come up in the yard. If he wants to be a stunt driver go find a empty parking lot somewhere not street in a neighborhood full of kids.
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    The neighborly thing to do would be to tie a rope to a tree across the street and lay it across the road. When he comes screaming up the road, pull the rope tight. Problem solved.
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    I think you handled it very well... hopefully he now knows you that you weren't being a "jerk" before, and that he has a second chance at the way he behaves in life.
    If he fixes that bike and starts back in with the same behavior - then that rope idea might just work :fit:
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    Best thing that could have happened to this little idiot. Very good lesson and it may save his life in the future.
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    I love it...:thumb:
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    Glad that he wasn't hurt (seriously hurt), and maybe he learned a little lesson.
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    Well played sir! I think you may have even made a friend. if the kid has half a brain, he'll realize you were right all along.
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    Good call. Calling cops on him would have continued the battle. He should have respect and appreciation for you now. If he has half a brain.