Kaput bait?

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    Agree. That's why I'm against it.
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  2. I completed the survey yesterday. Our lease is thick with more hogs than we've had in the past but I don't want to put out that toxic stuff to control them. Way to many other animals will be affected. And to have to bury them 18" deep when they're dead is a joke. There are people too lazy to shut and lock a gate when they come through and will be trusted to dig a big hole and bury them. Won't happen
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    I've about changed my mind on the poison, this poison anyway. Having to bury what dies is a little ridiculous but we've got to come up with something. The hog problem is like the song by Gary Stewart " out of hand "...d2
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    adding thousand if not tens of thousands of pounds of poison into the ecosystem .... NOT an option IMO, fantastically horrible idea

    get used to Hogs - they'll never go away, they are like elk and CWD - they were allowed to get rooted in and they're here now

    can we control them ? well .... yes and no

    on private lands with diligence yes, you can control them with trapping and hunting them, especially night hunting them. illegal or not, its effective

    the problem is the AG&F protecting wild hogs on public lands

    I said this on facebook - $10 WMA permits for trapping hogs. Issue a finite number, so they can be controlled, but use the hunters in the state of AR , its a valuable resource and I know there are people that'd pay to be able to hog trap WMA's

    • AG&F makes a bit of money
    • people get to trap hogs
    • more hogs die

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    The dog hunters say they can catch em all.
    The AGFC says they can trap em all.
    The ag sept. Says they can poison em all.

    There’s no way to get rid of them all. Yeah, you might beat em down a whole bunch to where you don’t notice them but you got to stay on top of it. Give them 6 months with no pressure and they take over again.

    Up here in the CWD area I don’t think a decent population of hogs will hurt anything.
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    dog hunters have long been accused/suspected of releasing the hogs to start with - I don't think rewarding that is a solution however, they can catch/kill a bunch of hogs, no doubt

    AG&F has failed miserably - if they're saying they can kill the hogs, they're bold faced lying

    the ag sept. might can air drop tons of poisoned bait onto public lands and kill a bunch of hogs ... and dump tons of poison into our environment as well. me? i'd rather be over run with hogs than poison everywhere
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    It’s a fact dog hunters brought em north. I know a guy that knows a guy that seen a guy open the gates on a 30 ft stock trailer full of hogs on a popular WMA back before they said no dogs.
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    can't be helped now

    its a fact to me that the AG&F brought in elk with CWD - that can't be helped now either

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    There are dog hunters moving pigs this very second. I'd bet my benefits on it.
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    Yep! Dog hunters can stack up the dead pigs but they don’t want to kill there hobby
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    I do like the excitement created by the sound of a good bay.

    As I've said before...If the AGFC would sell $100 permits to dog runners and let them hunt WMA's with stiff regulations and stiff penalties, any good dog man would jump at the chance to purchase said permit. I believe, in certain areas, the population can be severely decreased.
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    so ....

    Dog Runners who released this wild hog problem into Arkansas for $100 a year can have unlimited fun on public lands ?

    That doesn't seem right to me ..... almost like rewarding the ones who started this wild hog epidemic to begin with right?

    I know if the DID do it, it was only a few, I'm not naive enough to think all hog doggers are bad.

    I've thought for a long time the AG&F has allowed the hog populations to explode so at some point they could profit by selling special permits to run dogs and trap for them.

    Money - its a powerful motivator
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  13. If you catch them fine them to the Hilt!! I'm a Hog Hunter & have been for over 25 years now. I do not catch & release. But I see pics everyday of Knuckleheads with Hogs Hobbled. As far as I'm concern, Hobbling a hog ought to be a Finable offense. Why hobble one if you're going to kill it?

    I have caught & sold hogs. Back when it was legal. I would sell quite a few to guys with bay pens. And Pens for canned hunts. But I sold a lot to Bow Hunters. Guys that claimed they wanted something to hunt when it wasn't deer season.. It isn't just dog hunters fault they're out there..
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  14. I totally believe this..
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    I fully believe the AG&F see wild hogs as a way to make money through licensing trappers or hog doggers

    They've put every road block in the way of having hunters kill all the hogs, it makes sense
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    I think normally we vehemently disagree on things and call each other names before haven't we?
    However, you are 100% correct. I have caught more pigs with dogs than I can shake a stick at and traded them legally as well.
    Glad we finally agreed on something lol.
    GOOD Hog Doggers are an absolutely invaluable resource to this problem. I am 100% for proper hog dogging and include them in every single pig eradication project I have.
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    IMG_2262.PNG South AR hogs got started in the river bottoms by our grand dads who lived here back in the early 1900's. They free ranged them and trapped them in the fall to butcher. Several old timers around here have told the same story as well as old timers I have talked to around Felsenthal. I dont doubt a lot have been moved - I know of several folks who have moved some and dont run dogs - they just wanted something extra to hunt in their area.

    One less on my place today.
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    Especially around you! Lol
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    but had deer then, and turkeys and black bears

    after the depression, at least in northern AR, they killed damned near everything and there were no hogs - that's per my Dad, born and raised on Buffalo river and he's 83 now

    also - he said they fed lye to their hogs to kill parasites ... LYE .... he said the hogs would eat it and squeal and squeal but it didn't kill them
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