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  1. bonecollector22

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    can anybody tell me how much license and tags are for kansas spring turkey season. i am going to hunt on some walk in areas and not sure what license i need i got on the kansas game and fish web site but its not very detailed and i'm not sure what i need. it said something about tags, peremits and license. can anyone help me
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  3. bonecollector22

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    is that total cost for one turkey then you pay extra for a second turkey
  4. around 75 for the license. then another 35 for the first turkey and another 20 for the second turkey. so yes it is arout 120 or 130. remember if you buy the tag today, you can't use it until tomorrow.
  5. bonecollector22

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    thanks guys for the info. do yall know any good walk in hunting areas in the sotheast corner of kansas. a friend of mine hunts somewhere around there but not sure where
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    U can actually get pretty good maps from the local stores they are even in some walmarts up there
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    I ususally buy my Kansas tags on-line.
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    Alot of the WIHAs change from
    Year to year. Gonna have todo some research and see what looks best to you for this year. I'm going to do the same
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    Go to the Kansas Wildlife website. All the WIHA maps are there.
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    this is correct... from what i remeber in 2009.
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    Kansas Bird Hunting Fees:

    Non-Resident Hunting License = $72.50

    Turkey Permit = $47.50

    Additional Bird Tag = $10.50