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Kansas deer tags

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Has anyone on her ever drawn a Kansas deer tag? What are the odds of being drawn?
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I've drawn out the last two years for rifle. I'd say your odd's are pretty good. But that also depends on what unit you put in for. Last year there were tag's left over in some unit's.
Just depends on the unit.
Archery tags can be tough, some gun tags can be bought leftover in some zones.
Unit 16 is were I'm wanting a tag for. They are telling me it can be hard to get. Here is the reason I want a tag!!!!!!! He grosses 176 1/8!!!!!! He has 14 scoreable and broke 3 off. He had a big club that broke off his main beam. We found some real nice sheds but he was the highlight!!!
looks likes hes dead, but I am sure he has a few brothers, maybe even a grandad still alive out there.
Starting for the 2008-2007 deer season all tags must be drawn. There will not be any tags avaliable for purchase. Landowner tags are no longer transferable.

In short if you don't get drawn for a tag in KS this year you don't go. Now because they are going to a draw only system they are alloting more tags per unit, thus making it easier to get drawn for a tag. More so than it has been in the past.

I am interested to see what happens, and I do think it will be easier, but like I said if you don't get drawn you don't go.
This is the link to the nonresident statistics, but it is confusing because they only drew for 50% of the tags last year and let the other half be sold to landowners and transfered.

The transfer system never worked. People bought tags in their wifes name, moms name, kids, etc and sold them for $600 or more. Last year it didn't work in our unit, there were leftover nonresident permits that did not get drawn and some of those guys didn't get their permits sold. LOL
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