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just wondering.......

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i have recently changed my work shift to weekends and i am hard up for hunting partners just throwing an invatation out there for some company in the duck hole. I am having to pass up good mornings to hunt cause i cant find anyone to go with me(such as in the morning) just seeing if anyone is interested in some good ole boy hunting?
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i have a rotating schedule but im off this weekend if u have some ducks you need help killin. :rolleyes:
i work all weekends sorry greenheadhurst and jwalker all i hunt is public also pm me if you wanna do some hunting this week
I'm going to the metro in the morning if you want in.
Can I hitch a trip or two with a few of yall next week? I'm not getting the usual invites this year and I have yet to have a good timber hunt this season.
I have scheduled off work for tues, wed, and thurs night this week. I'd like to get in the woods as well, only been once this year so far.
guys just pm me with info for this next week i am off mon-wed just hit me up!
I know it is not for everbody - but sometimes, hunting by yourself is real nice.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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