Just Shot Hoyt Spyder, Mathews Chill, and PSE DNA

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by SwampCat, Dec 15, 2012.

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    I am bow shopping and I shot each of these three bows. I shoot a 30" draw - and the Mathews was set on 28, the PSE on 29, and the Hoyt at 30". 60 lbs for all three. They all shot great - but the PSE is a 70% let off - and it wanted to take off with just a slight relaxation of your muscles. With a bare bow - it probably had the most "kick". It was also the fastest. The Hoyt shot well, but nothing really stood out - it had slightly more kick than the Mathews and was probably the slowest of the three. The reason I said probably, is because they had different draw lengths, so was guessing at 10 fps increase for each 1" increase in draw length. The Mathews was almost dead in the hand - and to my ear - the quietist. I am not a Mathews fan - so that is a lot coming from me. Performance wise - shooting a 388 gr arrow, the mathews at 28" draw shot 272 fps, the PSE at 29" shot 285 fps, and the hoyt at 30" shot 285 fps - all at 60 lbs. Right now, I am leaning towards the Mathews, but waiting to shoot one at 30" draw before I decide for sure. They were all light - I think within an ounce or two of each other - all between 3.5 and 4 lbs. I think the cost is pretty close to the same - upper $800's.

    Anyone else shot one of these - and if so - what are your thoughts?
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    I shoot the creed and the chill yesterday..I like the shot out of the chill better but I like the draw and back wall better on the creed...I shoot the Heli-m now and am going to probably gonna go with the creed after the season Is over .But I may go shoot the spyder just to be sure.I have read several reviews and the spyder aint really standing out ..IMO...Good luch with whatever you decide on...

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    I have the DNA and absolutely love it. It is set at 29" 67lbs and shoot 342 grains at 336 fps. I can accurately shoot this bow out to 80 yds. I have a B Stinger on it and is very calm. The valley does take some getting use to. I have been shooting it for a couple weeks now and I just keep getting better with it the more I shoot it. I have owned several X Force bows to include the Super Short, Omen Pro, and EVO. Out of all them the DNA is in a league of its own for me. It fits my bill for ATA and weight. Each to his own obviously.

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    I wouldn't make my decision unless I was shooting the correct drawlength on each bow. A lot of bows have different characteristics when changing DL. I feel like its more body positioning and muscle memory/strength. I can always judge better with a longer draw length than a shorter one but its still best to be close.
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    I agree - that is why I am waiting. The short draw length's make it feel like the bow is breaking over way out in front - which to me, feels great. Once you get the correct longer draw length - they break over closer to your face. I will shoot the correct draw length on all of them before I decide.
  6. The only thing I know is that I could never shoot the stock grip on my Mathews after switching from a bow with side plates....... I shoot my draw fairly short (on purpose) with a very low grip. I had to switch to the focus grip and that mostly fixed the issue.
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    It is a little surprising to me that an additional 7 lbs draw wt and 45 grains less arrow wt will add 50 fps? Did you buy the bow at Archery Outfitters?
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    No. I order my bows from Scottie/PA on Archerytalk. I Chrono'd it several times and they averaged 334, 335, 336 consistently. Goes right in hand with this:

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    Where did that calculation chart come from. Is it available online?
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    I have shot all of the Mathews and the Hoyt's and I like them all but for some reason I keep coming back to the spyder. To me it just feels the best. It is light and well balanced and very smooth shooting. The creed is nice and so is the zxt. The chill is fast but I'm not into speed as much as smooth quiet and accurate. That's just my opinion. I have never really liked pse. All the ones I have been around are loud and have some hand shock. Plus I think they just look funny.
  13. BullDog

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    Get that hoyt set up right and shoot it again.
  14. SwampCat

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    I must admit, I thought the same thing about the PSE's, but I would not feel bad at all shooting the new DNA. I found nothing remarkable about the Hoyt spyder. I did not think it was the most quiet, smoothest, or fastest. It was a nice bow, but to me, nothing really stood out. The Chill seemed to be the most quiet and dead at the shot. I am going to shoot them all again. And normally, I would not give speed much consideration, but I am intent on dropping down to 60 lbs and I still want to keep shooting a 400 gr arrow at a decent speed. That sort of pushes you towards one of the faster bows. And thanks to those of you who directed me to the archery cAlculators - they were great
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    SwampCat, if you want smooth, quiet, and accurate then do yourself a favor and shoot an Obsession. I studied long and hard and shot several bows. People that know me, know that I don't make quick decisions; especially when it comes to forking out the kind of money a new bow brings these days. Ended up with the Obsession.
  16. chevyduckhunt

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    I also shot the elite hunter and answer and both were good shooting bows. What I liked bout the elite is at full draw it didn't feel like I was holding anything. Both bows were at 70 lbs. only problem I saw with elite is the closest dealer is Mack's down in Stuttgart. I'm not a big fan of having to drive a hour or more just to have it worked on by a dealer if I needed to ever have that done.
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    I think GFord in Malvern carries elite
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    Went the other day and shot the spyder,chill and creed. To me i thought the spyder felt the best over the mathews, from the grip all the way to balance of the bow. If i am an
    ble to buy a new one its going to be the spyder.
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    I, have tried to make myself shoot a matthews but i just can not do it. All my friends that have them and shoot with me it just seems they they just don't shoot as hard as my Hoyt. Also I have never liked how they feel.
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    I dont know if this true but i would believe it and heard it a couple times. Hoyts dont come to pro shops from the factory timed. They expect that from the pro shops. That can make a difference. But i have also had shops say "you dont have to time them". Which i cant believe....

    I shot the chill creed and spyder two different times. Wasnt crazy about the creed. I did like both the chill and spyder. Ended up ordering a spyder. Cant wait to get it and tweak on it.