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Discussion in 'Campfire' started by mwells72774, Dec 23, 2012.

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    At least he's honest. :fit:

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    How can you argue with honesty....
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    you can see this type of price gouging on this forum... I believe SilentAssasin and Sniper something or another both have $650 DPMS for over twice that.

    Go America!
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    I was on Gunbroker yesterday and noticed that prices on AR and AK guns have nearly doubled in the last couple of weeks, with prices as much as $2800.00 and more.
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    Well, gents. I posted that. I got several responses until it was flagged.

    dandarogers: keep your morals and values ,and sell at a reasonable price.

    blkpwd45: Very good!! My local gun shop sold out their whole rack of overpriced ARs and AKs on Friday. I remember when the Brady Bill came through I bought an SKS for 79 dollars and ammo for 79 cents but it seems to be going the other direction this time. Good Post!

    gploygo:Call me, if you still have the rifle for sale @ 479-268-1265. I'll buy both you morals and values.... LOL

    redrider02: You should know your fellow members of society well enough by now. Try craigslist for more immorality and lack of values

    backsdablue: Right on Brother!

    jacoba_17: I agree with your post man. The sad fact is after the shooting everyone has gone crazy. I'm afraid high gun prices might be here to stay.

    emuniz: Very well said Sir - I believe that we are our worst enemy.

    Merry Christmas!


    jas.army1: dude thats funny and anit it ture

    okrick11: It sucks, what some people will do for a dollar !!!

    these are some of the replies I got.