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Was looking for a previous thread in which some were wondering if they might have screwed up applying for their zone permits over the Internet. They got responses from the AGFC which kind of indicated that maybe their application didn't go through.

I had the same fears when I did a check on whether or not I was drawn and got the old "pending" response on me and "not in the data base" on my wife.

Was just notified via email from the AGFC that both me and my wife got zone doe permits and that they would be in the mail in September. So even though the AGFC Web Site indicated they didn't have anything on my wife, the AGFC email system said my wife has a permit.

So don't give up hope folks. Even though the permit process seemed a little screwed up, it came out okay in the end. Hope it's the same for you all.

By the way, I checked with two other friends up here in Mountain Home and they also got their zone doe permits. So you should have hearing soon if you haven't already been advised.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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