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The story: yesterday we are scouting for ducks to hunt this AM. We are easing around the fields on the wheeler, about 25 ducks get up and we stop to watch and see how many more are invite flooded coffee beans and all at once this coyote bust out of the coffee beans. By the time I get the wheeler stopped he is out about 250 I pop of a shot an miss, now he is about 325 I shoot again an miss, bolt my rifle and now he is about 400 let a shot go and he rolls up! Get back on the wheeler and head toward him, get about 50yds from him and he gets up and the race is on. JT fires twice at him wen he gets up and misses, now we are after him on the wheeler. He runs to the edge of the woods and rolls up in some vines. He gets back up to haul it and JT puts a round in the boiler room. Dead coyote!
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