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Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by buck n duck, Dec 21, 2012.

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    I have been for 10 years

  3. I join with you in asking everyone on this forum to join the NRA. We need to present a strong and united front.
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    :up: Numbers are important and every new member will just add to the numbers that show support for our 2nd Amendment rights.No one should sit'n be on the sidelines in this fight. A box of rifle shells can cost as much or more than than a one year membership. :flag:
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    Lifetime easy pay member here!!

    Also a member of Gun owners of American and the Second Amendment Foundation. I REALLY REALLY like the Second Amendment Foundation, they have been doing most of the good lately!!!!

    NRA press conference is about to start
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    Life member since 1972 :flag:
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    They just went the route of blaming video games and movies in their presser. . . may want to hold on to the dough. Yes, I'm a member. This press conference sounds desperate.
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    I will still not join. I was thinking about it. I do not like them blaming the video game and movies. That is very hypocritical. Video games and movies had no more to do with the shootings of the past than did the guns. Milllions upon millons watch movies and play video games with out killing or harming other people. Same as responsible gun owners dont kill or harm other people.

    on a side note, the guy that interrupted the press conference is garbage.
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    The whole world is crazy.

    I am a longtime member, but I had no idea they had ONLY 4.3 million members. That's amazing.

    I do wish there were a more moderate gun-owners national association. The garbage I have gotten from the ILA over the years is absurd and written to shock and scare, only. Much of it is untrue. I say this even though I'm a member and will be. Similarly, my preacher sometimes preaches stupidity. I listen and cringe, cause he's all I got to listen to, and better than almost all the others. And the basis of his statements is correct.

    I have considered starting a moderate gun owners association, but I guess I'm too lazy.
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    Just joined as this is our largest voice on capital hill and as said above, numbers (members) speak volumes
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    agreed x 10,000. I am an NRA member, but have unsubscribed from all of their communications. I see them as the political equivalent of a crazy uncle that you need around.
  13. Been a life member for better than 35 years. We would not have guns today but for the NRA IMO.
  14. Its only 25 a year right now. I just joined again.