Jobs are out there.

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by chuckwagon, Dec 12, 2012.

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    My wife lost her job on November third. Tomorrow she will receive her first paycheck from her new job. Better job,pay and benefits. And she never filed for unemployment.

    I also decided to start looking for a full time job 2 weeks ago (odd and end jobs not cuttin it) and got called today to pee in cup. Lol..

    Jobs are there people just have to look. Too many people think the jobs are beneath them.
  2. BowHunter21

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    Congrats to both of u!

  3. I agree 100%... My company has a high turnover rate and when you look at it, it's not that the economy's bad, it's the people. I know a lot of people who gets hired and then points out before their probation period is up. I've seen people who gets hired 2-3 times and does it over and over.

    There are as many jobs out there as there will ever be. It may be that you're either too picky or not qualified enough. For example, if I have a middle school education and all the positions I apply for are CEO and Surgeon jobs, I probably wont get a call for interview.

    My theory is start at the bottom and aim for the stars!
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    :up: You are exactly right.
  6. Hog_54

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    People who want to work can find work
  7. johnf

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    You're absolutely right. I've done some crap nasty jobs and I loved the money that I got. That's why I think if we got rid of welfare all together and kicked out all the illegals our unemployment would go down to nothing. My mom worked on the line at Tyson for years as did my sister that's a CPA working her way through college. I worked construction and worked in shipping and receiving at Walmart warehouses; not messy jobs, but good honest hard work. Worst job I ever had was shoveling a laying house clean with a flat nosed shovel and wheelbarrow.

    Congrats on the the job, and welcome to the 2%:smack:
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    Amen. I pulled groceries for years and worked for a guy in couldn't stand for all those years. Put my wife and I through school, now we both do what we love. I had two job interviews in the last two weeks. Got offered one, didn't pay enough, so I had to turn it down. They called me back today and offered me am even better position with even more money. All I can say is God is good.
  9. chuckwagon

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    At one point in time i was a ditch digger and loved it.. Funny how that works.

    Sadly i may have to turn down my job. Was going to be a relief driver but another driver who works for them already wants it.
    That would put me on long haul. Instead of out 2-4 days be 10-14.
    Will sit down with wife and kids. And decide this as a family.
  10. Ekspurt

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    We don't have much trouble hiring people where I work but keeping them is another story altogether. 5 out of six just don't want to work.
  11. buckhorn

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    9 out of 10 can't pass a preliminary drug screening here. #10 can't get to work on time or make it at all.
  12. OMG> Aint that the frickin truth. I tell them. IM GOING TO GIVE YOU A DRUG TEST. DONT WASTE MY TIME IF YOU CANT PASS IT. I WILL SEND YOU THE BILL IF YOU FAIL. Guess what, 9 outof 10 fail the test.
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    People these days have NO WORK ETHICS AT ALL... I think every young guy should work manual labor starting at a young age.. I farmed from the time I was 16 til I graduated college and believe me, manual labor made me try harder in high school/college and made me appreciate every penny I earned.

    Of course, I think we can blame the laziness in folks today on video games, parents babying their kids, and can't forget THE GOOBERMENT!!!!!
  14. xray38

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    There are good paying oilfield and pipeline jobs all over the country and not enough people to fill these jobs. I run a pipeline x-ray company and can't find enough dependable, tough minded people to cover all the work we have. These are very good paying jobs and we train inhouse but too many leave after they get a few bucks in their pockets.
  15. johnf

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    Nuttin' like workin' you butt off to help you understand why you should study harder.
  16. jcp

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    X- ray is right there's a lot of good paying pipeline jobs and oil / gas field jobs. 90% of them start out paying 50 grand a year . There is a company up here where I'm at , starts out at 50k+ and they can't get good help . I see lots of people hired on , get month worth of 1500-2000 a week checks then drink there job away.
  17. rossbowhunter

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    I am looking for a job in your field. I'd love to talk to you if you're looking for dependable help.
  18. thomasw_lrd

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    My brother is looking for a gas job here in Arkansas. PM if you know of any.
  19. Timd1978

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    We need HVAC techs where I work. If you have no experience that is ok as they have a solid training program where they literally pay you to sit in a classroom and learn most days and then spend a few days a week out with a Sr Tech.

    I can't say too much on pay but our TOP TECH last yr (not sales guy, not mngt, none of that) made over 90k. I had to miss many days of work and had to be off early over half the yr this yr due to my daughter, and I will still come in REAL GOOD this yr...if you know someone who is experienced (or is the right guy to train) and is not a felon, not tattooed on the face, and can pass a drug screen (and random drug screens) then let me know (we get referral bonuses for exp guys!!!)
  20. shootemagain

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    Glad to see that are opportunities out there for people THAT WANT TO WORK! I've never seen a newspaper that did not have a help wanted section....I agree with others here in thinking that we have a bunch of folks that do not want to work.....Never figured out who would pay my bills if I didn't work....
    Maybe I should take disability (which I COULD get), get me an Obamaphone, collect food stamps, and deer hunt as well as duck hunt 60 days a