Jimmy Carter says the US is ready for a gay President

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by Mr. Chitlin, Dec 17, 2010.

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    NE Ark
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    No Fool......like an old Fool! :thumb:

  3. JR

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    Wasn't Jimmy Carter a gay President?
  4. keeb

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    maybe just not open about it....I like how he says his biggest failure was not getting re-elected and then follows with not being able to get the prisoners back. Sounds like he had his priorities in line. Maybe if they only were elected one term, they would worry more about the issues on hand and less about getting re-elected. :smack:
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    I'm still amazed at the people who think JC has anything to contribute to the national/world arena. . . . . . . . . . . . .but then again, he was one of out greatest Presidents. . . . . . . . . . . .NOT!!!!
  8. bzbrent

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    Usually, the passage of time tends to lean in a more favorable direction for a past president. The more time that passes, the easier it becomes to look past the negatives and prop up the positive aspects of their administration.

    Jimmy Carter, however, bucks the trend completely. In fact, with each passing year his administration looks worse and worse. I understand that he still teaches a Sunday School class in Georgia at the church he's attended for 50 years. Imagine how misguided his pupils must be...

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  10. Not sure what country he's living in...because the country I'm living in says there's no way we're ready for a "gay" president.
  11. johnf

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    Jimmy Carter is a :censored: moron.
  12. bracomadar

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    Let me know when the U.S. is ready for a smart president :whistle:
  13. RUSH

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    You can tell our schools don't teach much about him because if they did we probally wouldn't have what we have in our White House now.
  14. johnf

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    My greatest memory of Jimmy Carter is sitting in a 1/2 mile line with a 10 gallon gas ration ticket in California, running out of gas in the line and us 5 kids pushing my mom into the station. Good times...........:skeptical:
  15. stealthycat

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    why does every little niche have to be President? why do we have to elect a 1/2 white man, a Catholic, a Texan, a Queer .... good gawd
  16. dash4cash

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    Jimmy ate to many peanuts:biggrin:

  17. johnf

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    Actually I think an oriental, gay, jewish woman is next in line.
  18. fairweatherhunter

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    I don't care what sex the Prez is or what sex they want as long as they can turn the economy and deficit around.
  19. shady grove

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    There was a queer in the White House for 8 yrs. Some on here prolly voted for her husband.......
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    Technically he was BI, lets be correct about this stuff LOL