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  1. jerry dean

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    Here is a list of who I DON'T want coaching the football Hogs in 3 years....

    1. Reggie Herring
    2. Reggie Herring
    3. Reggie Herring
    4. Reggie Herring
    5. Reggie Herring
    6. Reggie Herring
    7. Reggie Herring
    8. Reggie Herring
    9. Reggie Herring
    10. Reggie Herring
  2. OuachitaMtnMan

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    Amen brotha. I could make a list just like that with David Lee's name on it.

  3. millennium man

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    I think even the nutt haters would have to agree that there is no way we get a whooping like that with Houston Nutt coaching the team. I am excited about Petrino but Reggie Herring, James Shibest, David Lee etc. made nutt look like a coaching genius compared to their body of work over the last month.
  4. CP

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    Can't really agree on the "genius" thingy...:wink:

    After all, he is taking most of those looooosers to "help out" at Old Pizz...:rolleyes:

    Good luck on that.....
  5. millennium man

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    I know there was alot of controversy with the coaching situation over the last month but what could you possibly atribute a complete a$$ whoopping like that to, other than the coaching staff not having the team prepared. Just shows me that those boys are probably ok for assistants but not head coach material. Like I said I am excited about Petrino coming in but if HN was coaching the team we probably still would have lost because Missouri was a better team but he would at least had them prepared well enough to keep it respectable. Dosen't matter cause HN is long gone but that was just sad for a national TV audience to see us play like that. Oh well will see what Petrino can do, after yesterday I can't see it getting any worse.
  6. possum

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    Should make recruiting easier....I'm thinkin I could go up there and start.:biggrin:
  7. jerry dean

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    11. possum.....again:biggrin:
  8. possum

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    At least I made a list. :thumb:
  9. I blame herring, the Ol' Miss coaches, and the players. Apparently most were out late the night before, getting drunk or something. There is some pretty big news lurking out there, some supposed to seep out this afternoon, concerning this situation.

    I was there , and that is the first hogs game I have ever left early. It was embarrassing to the whole state to play that way on national tv. A lackluster preformance at best..... they were not even trying it would appear. And that was the worst tackling I have seen in a long time, and the missed assignments on covering Mizzou's slant were pitiful.... It worked everytime they tried it...
  10. cuppinducks

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    Arkansas could never beat Mizzou. Their strong points contradict each other. We have a strong run offense. They have a good run defense. They have a strong passing and running defense. Our defense is mediocre at best. Our defense was spread out all day in the game. Thats why we got the crap beat out of us.
  11. I was worried about next years Ole Miss game but I feel like we got a real edge as far as coaching staff is concerned. I agree with MT, that Herring and staff did not have the players mentally ready to play a pizzed off Mizzou team that should have been in a BCS game. I got the feeling all this month that this game was not being taken very seriously by the staff and players. It was more of just having a good time first and playing the game was secondary. I was chapped when the camera would sweep our sidelines and our players were all smiling and happy and seemed to care less that they were just getting their azzes kicked. Remember the UNLV Bowl? That game was very similar to this one except UNLV spit in our players faces on top of beating the crap out of us.At least Mizzou did'nt do that. I will say they gave us a good old country azz kicking and I hope Petrino never lets that happen again.:censored:
  12. Our strong run offense hinges on the O line blocking. That didn't happen yesterday either so we sucked in all phases of the game and special teams was the worse.
  13. D33RHUNT3R

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    I had a bad feeling this was going to happen... Very Few had any incentive to WIN.. except a few returning players that will have to deal with Petrino's Practices after that performance....
  14. spur

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    Why do we think he keeps them around?????????????

    but Reggie Herring, James Shibest, David Lee etc. made nutt look like a coaching genius compared to their body of work over the last month.
  15. spur

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    12. Nut and huis buddies
  16. TheBattman

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    WE can play the blame game all we want - but the game was lost because of an overall lack of effort across the board. Even the "superstar" players played like crap. Even with bad coaching, the butt stomping should not have been so bad.

    6 turnovers....

    Many blown defensive coverages...

    Defensive line that fell asleep near the end of the first quarter....

    A "quarterback" that might have been a real the NAIA....

    And a batch of coatches that demonstrated what it means to know you are not returning to the same team for the next season...

    Overall - winning is a team effort, and in this case, so was loosing....
  17. millennium man

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    If that was really the case then what kinda of a nut job university would let them stay and coach our players for a Bowl Game! I knew there would be some loyalty to nutt from those guys but I also felt they would do right by the players and give them a chance to win!
  18. D33RHUNT3R

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    Arkansas.....They gave them a chance to win, They transported them to Dallas...... thats bout it in my opinion...
  19. millennium man

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    Shoulda been an obvious answer! Just amazing that the University couldn't do any better than that for our palyers. I guess they just wrote 2007 off and were looking to the Petrino era.
  20. The word out this afternoon is that the players had no curfew's, and that they stayed out all week drinking and partying and smoking weed. Then RH tried to instill a curfew Sunday night.... for what it was worth, and told them all to save the party for after they got home.... then the Dallas police were called to the hotel, DUE TO THE LARGE AMOUNT OF MARIJUANA SMOKE IN THE HALLWAY OF THE TEAMS FLOOR. They just stayed in and partied there after.... Matt H. didn't play hardly at all, Herring said he just was not himself... London C. didn't play.... Retribution for his dads board postings? Who knows, but it was an embarrassment to say the least. Makes me consider my tickets for next year...... but I will probably go ahead hoping that B.P. is cleaning house on the staff AND PLAYERS.