Jellyhead by Primos

Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by archer, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. archer

    archer Well-Known Member

    Anybody shooting the Jellyhead? How does it work? Been thinking of switching.
  2. Doebuck

    Doebuck Well-Known Member

    I shoot it with my 935 and nitro's and love it..

  3. oldreloader

    oldreloader Well-Known Member

    I have one on an 870 express.I love it
  4. fredbear

    fredbear Member<br>2010 Turkey Contest Winner

    I shoot one in my 1187 super mag with Hevi shot (what is was originally designed for) #6s and I really like it. I killed a bird at 41 steps last year and that sucker's head hit the ground and that ol' fan came straight up. He never flopped til after I picked him up.

    I have patterned that combo out to 60 yards (just for fun) and put 9 pellets in the head/neck.
  5. JR1

    JR1 Well-Known Member

    I shoot one in my 870 SuperMag with WinExtended #6s and it is just downright awesome. Like the previous poster, I've patterned out to 60yds, and I am quite confident it would work. I won't take that shot, but it would work.

    The one thing I really like about it as opposed to say, a Rhino choke, is that I get a slightly larger pattern at 20yds. But the pattern stays full and uniform as far out as I care to shoot. Very effective.
  6. archer

    archer Well-Known Member

  7. OuachitaMtnMan

    OuachitaMtnMan Well-Known Member

    I have the same setup and bought a Jellyhead last year but only shot it with what I had which was #5's and it wasn't so hot. I got some 6's that I thought might work but haven't shot them yet. Your post is exactly what I needed to know except what oz shot are you shooting?

  8. spur

    spur Moderator-Razorback Forum<br>Sports

    I 've got a Beretta, Benelli and Browning all 3.5" guns that pattern well with the jellyhead choke. I shoot the 3.5" Win ER #6 in the 2oz loads. The jellyhead will also pattern Nitro Co. hevishot very well. Either shell will produce a lethal pattern past 40 yds. The Nitro shells hold a beter pattern past 40yds . IMO that is due to velocity.
  9. I shoot one in my 835 with Nitro 4,5,7 and its wicked out to 60 yards! I imagine it would even kill at 70!:thumb:
  10. bhays

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    I shoot one with my Benelli Nova and Nitro 4's and it is a killing combination!!!:thumb:
  11. Hobbshunter

    Hobbshunter Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking about trying a new choke this year. For those of you who are shooting a jellyhead already, what's your pattern like at 20 yards?
  12. JR1

    JR1 Well-Known Member

    Kinda like my post said above, I like the Jellyhead a little more than some other jokes because I do get a slightly larger pattern at 20 yds. It seems to throw a larger but yet extremely even pattern.

    If you shoot a Remington, I'd be happy to meet up with you and let you try it out sometime.
  13. Hobbshunter

    Hobbshunter Well-Known Member

    I do shoot a Remington. I'll PM you.
  14. BPShunter

    BPShunter Member<br>2008 Bowhunting Contest Team Winner<br>2

    Shoots great in my SBE II.

  15. Idigdirt

    Idigdirt Well-Known Member

    I use a Tru-Glo gobble stopper in my nova with 3.5 nitros #5s.It was the cheapest choke I tried and it shot better in my gun than a Jellyhead. But thats just out of my gun I don't have anything bad to say about a Jellyhead.
  16. OuachitaMtnMan

    OuachitaMtnMan Well-Known Member

    I used one of those chokes in my mossberg 500 w 3" shells and I'm not sure if it didn't pattern the best of anything I've had yet...@ 30 yds anyway.
  17. boomer

    boomer Well-Known Member

    I can't tell any differance in the patterns with mine versus the old Remington turkey choke I have had for years. So far my Remington 1187 likes the Kicks choke the best, to bad it was one my buddy let me shoot just to try and not mine. I may just have to get one for this season.

  18. OuachitaMtnMan

    OuachitaMtnMan Well-Known Member

    That's the way I was when I shot it with # 5's but I'm hoping it's the shot and # 6's will improve it greatly. I looked at the Kicks, Comp-n-choke and Jelly head when I was trying to make a decision, I may have to sell the Jellyhead and get a Kicks if the shot change doesn't improve my pattern any.
  19. big buck down

    big buck down Member<br>2012 Photo Contest Winner

    OMM I think you should try the Win Extended Range with what you have before buying another choke..JMO I haven't shot them through anything but a Kicks but from what I have seen and read, with the WinXtended it doesn't much matter about the choke...worth a try.....I also like the Win HV 5's if you don't want to drop quite as much change
  20. OuachitaMtnMan

    OuachitaMtnMan Well-Known Member

    JR1s post got me thinking the same thing. He shoots the same setup I've got and says his works real good with the Win Ext Rge # 6s. I've been shooting Federal # 5s and they didn't do real good with the Jelly Head and neither did the Remington HeviShot # 5's so i think it's the shot size...we'll see. :thumb: Looking forward to trying the WXR.