Jefferson county lease possibly looking for couple of members

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  1. gobble4me

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    Lease is just under 1400 acres
    Located next to what use to be the refuge. (derasal)We currently have 12 members. Dues this year were $800. Have city water but no electric. Family oriented but adults like to have fun as well. 5 acres worth of camp area. Kids under 18 no charge. All members have been here for 10 plus years. Same camp since 1968. Dues for 2013-14 due march 1. We are starting a waiting list.deer turkey hogs tree rats. We kill few dinks. Mostly 3-5 year olds 8-12s. Ratio this year has been 1 to 1.
    Had one 11 point green score 132.l located hwy 212 and 79 at Cleveland Jefferson county line. Fletcher and denton hunting club Send me a pm with your contact info.
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  2. hogsbreath

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    What game? Deer, ducks, turkey, squirrels, hogs?

  3. gobble4me

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    Deer turkey hogs. No ducks sorry
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    Keep questions coming
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    Would like to know more about location I am not familiar with refuge.
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    I'm available most any weekend to show you around. Send me a pm with your contact info.
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    Sent you a pm.
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    What are the dues gonna be for next year..?
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    Ok guys and gals. We have 3 openings. Dues are $710 for this next year. Next year dues are $680 pending any lease increases. If you want to hunt with a great bunch that's been together 20+ years. This is the place.
  11. I live off of 212 and drive through this area every single day going back and forth to work. Lots of deer down here. Some of em are good ones. Good spot for a lease for sure.
  12. Derrieusseaux Creek is the name of the old game refuge. One of the old refuges where the restocked deer back into arkansas.....

    Had to google that one lol!
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    Please add Mark Brenke 870-489-2522 and Charles Brenke 870-692-5571 to your waiting list.
  15. gobble4me

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    Dues are $710.00.
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    Are you still looking for a member? Do you know about how far from Little Rock?