january buck

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by tony r, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. tony r

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    got this buck this evening :biggrin: i have been getting trail cam pic,s of him all fall but had not seen him till today. this is a bull shoals deer from the urban deer hunt. here is a before & after pic,s. tony


  2. RJCNoles

    RJCNoles Well-Known Member

    Nice deer, congrats!:thumb:

  3. Mr. Chitlin

    Mr. Chitlin Administrator Staff Member

    NE Ark
    Nice when a plan comes together!! :thumb:
  4. TheBattman

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    That's a dandy!!!!
  5. Hill Farm Hunter

    Hill Farm Hunter Well-Known Member

    Gosh that picture had blood in it.:eek:

    Congrats Tony, that's a dandy.:thumb:
  6. Down on the White

    Down on the White Well-Known Member

    Congrats and great job.:thumb:
  7. jimmyh

    jimmyh Well-Known Member

    Good one. Congrats
  8. boomer

    boomer Well-Known Member

    Congrats on a fine buck.:thumb: I have never connected on a buck after Dec 10. maybe now that I hunt mostly private land it will happen.

  9. Paul Jones

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    Congrats Tony. Way to stick with them. :thumb:
  10. elwaller

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    Congrats. nice buck !!
  11. Sylamore

    Sylamore Super Moderator Staff Member

    Good buck! Congratulations! How old is he and how much did he weigh? :thumb:
  12. tony r

    tony r Moderator<br>Bowhunting<br>Guns, Ammunition, Reloa

    thanks guys i was very happy to get a chance at him.

    have not tried to age him yet he was only 118# body looks like a 2 1/2 but the mass he has looks like 3 1/2
  13. antler3

    antler3 Well-Known Member

    OMG !!! I love the split brow tine ! Congrats Tony, he's sure enough a dandy.:thumb: Glad you were able to get him :biggrin:
  14. theridgehunter

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  15. BuzzBait

    BuzzBait Well-Known Member

    Big Buck Down Bro...congrats Tony
  16. Manybeards

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    Congrats Tony :thumb:
  17. hortonhunter

    hortonhunter Well-Known Member

    :thumb: Congrats super nice january buck
  18. tony r

    tony r Moderator<br>Bowhunting<br>Guns, Ammunition, Reloa

    i may have found why he was so small bodied . i skinned his head out for a euro mount & he has had a broke jaw at sometime in the past so that may have stunted his growth a year. tony
  19. bett_lou

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    Great buck Tony. I'm sure without the broken jaw bone he would have been a lot bigger. I was wondering about the small body and the big mass

    You still think he was a 2 1/2?
  20. Triple Threat

    Triple Threat Well-Known Member

    Wow! Way to go, Idaho!