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    I would be leery of using a Gobbler’s logical reasoning skills as evidence. No one is saying that jakes can’t copulate, it is just the efficacy of their attempts that is in question.
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    A bird with a brain the size of a walnut is going to beat up on any other male bird he sees. Jakes don’t know they’re not successful breeders or I don’t think they would try to fight with gobblers for the right to.

    Hens may still be getting bred but losing the selected gobbler resets the “ladder” that the hens go through. It may take long enough to get this settled that the more dominant hens never get bred or have to settle with a gobbler that they know will have less successful genes to pass on.

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    I heard him say in one talk that if the dominant tom gets shot, it can take 2-3 weeks for the #2 tom to become viable. He said with enough hunting pressure, he may get himself killed before that even happens and then the process starts again for #3. I will say the last several years I have seen toms strutting and breeding hens in June. I assume that is probably due to failed nest attempts. I guess some of the failed nest attempts could be due to non fertilized eggs instead of weather or predation. Makes me wonder how long a hen would sit on a clutch of non-fertile eggs before she figured it out? The whole incubation period or longer?
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    Probably should quit shooting gobblers then....

    Talking yourselves into a what if corner on management and harvesting......

    Keep listening to Dr. Turkey
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    Dr chamberlain, in an earlier podcast - when discussing the hierarchy of shooting gobblers and the whole hierarchy has to reset - also said in their research, there wasnt a problem with hens getting bred. Kind of shoots a hole in all the advice to move the seasons later in the year. He even praised AR as one of the few states that has had late seasons. We all know how successful that has proven to be