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  1. All right several have posted pictures of bucks that are dropping those antlers.
    NOW is the time to get those minerals out. Early growth needs those minerals.
    Here is a link to a great mixture.

    I have used this mix and they love it . Well they don't like the dicaliciumphosphate but thats what they need. I have offered this to deer in a trough and stumps. They will try to avoid the gray Dic phos as you will see that left to the side. Try it instead of straight salt because your giving them much more good stuff they need. Especially in those piny forest areas they could use a mineral boost.

    Try if you want...............
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  3. looks alot better than buying those mineral blocks. a lot more nutrients. will pass this along to the guys at camp
  4. It's cheaper. If I remember right I made 300 pounds for around 25 bucks.
  5. Here's some pictures of the mixed stuff......


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    About how many pounds do you put out per area or in one location??
  7. I really kind guess maddog. I have four 5 gallon buckets and put .......guessing .....half the bucket per site. I reapplied last year about every month during the hot months.
    I plan to get some more probably next week.

  8. do the pigs get in it? they kill my salt blocks everytime
  9. I couldnt tell you if the pigs do ......but we have some donkeys in the pasture that love licking the stump!:thumb:
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    Thanks. That is my king of measuring. I plan on trying this out and I just didn't want to waste a bunch of it!
  11. They will start digging the dirt around stumps to get it. I believe the website I listed above says dig the ground and pour it in. I just like the stumps.

    The thing to me is I saw someone selling stuff as deer mineral in a 5 pound bag last year for like 20 bucks!!!!!!!!You can make over a hundred pounds for that. they would look the same side to side but I didnt buy any to really check the ingredients.

    I got some whitetail institute 30-06 mineral several years ago from someone. It looked like majority trace mineral. The cost is astronomical!!

    I still say some of these Whitetail clovers ain't nothing more than giant white ladino clover that you buy cheaper from the feed store.

    Ever looked at a product called green plot I think............supposed to be brassicas......look at it small percentage turnips and rape.

    Ok I got off track...........try it and it gives you something to watch while we wait for fall:thumb:
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    Thanks Sugar! I'm gonna use that.
  13. You need any help mixing that up you just call:wink: :glasses: :biggrin:
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    What's the advantage/disadvantage of putting 100-200 lbs in just one site?

    Is it better to spread it around to 2-4 sites?
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    We use the same mix design with only a slight difference.

    We have found that the DiCal will "burn" there mouth when fresh.

    So we pull a water tank with us and after mixing in the dirt we just give it a good soaking. (the DiCal will foamup some).

    This activates and mixes into the dirt better. Makes it much harder for the deer to "pick thru" what they want.
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    I've done a little research now, and here's an interesting article which uses a few studies to show it might not help.

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    I have had that mixture for several years the updated cost is $35.80 from the local coop. Still alot for the price.

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    Yep, thats about what it cost me last year. Got to go and check in to some more soon. Its worth the cost and the deer love it.
  19. are yall putting it out right now, or do you wait till about first to mid march?
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    Putting it out now. Now is when it is needed. Helps bucks on antler development and doe on fawns.