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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Swamp Rabbit, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. Swamp Rabbit

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    The DNA has arrived. First thoughts's a keeper! This is the lowest shock X Force I have shot so far. Fast, very Fast. Didn't surprise me there. Decent quiet. Quieter than my Vendetta, Omen, EVO or any of my X Forces I have owned. Kinda draws like a solo cam. No hump at the back. Downside, I will have to get use to this 70% let off. You have to hold back. No creeping on this one. Very impressed right now. I will post more this afternoon.
  2. Wapiti

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    Great looking bow. Whats the axle to axle length?

  3. Swamp Rabbit

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    Well, I never really got back on and finished my review. I am very pleased with this bow. I really enjoy the speed it has. It makes up for mistakes that I make in distance judging for sure. I started shooting an HHA this year and really like it also. I actually "practice" at 70 and 80 yards with this bow. It makes a 30 yard shot seem like I am throwing rocks. One thing I initially was not crazy about was NO valley. I mean none. You better hold all the way back. With that being said, I have become a better shot because of this. But I must admit I let two arrows fly through the woods because I was creeping. The bow holds very balanced to be so short and light. The weight is another benefit I like about this bow. The grip is nice and narrow, the finish on the bow is great PSE quality, and I like the flex cable guard. Overall I like the bow. We will see how it performs in the moment of truth.
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    I shot this bow last winter before I bought my bow. Sweet shooter, for sure. But it did want to get up and go. Sometimes before I was ready. I just like a little longer bow or this one might have been in my collection.
  5. orangefeetdown

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    I like the draw cycle alright on the PSE's, and the speed is great, but I just can't get past the no creep thing. I guess if I shot them enough I'd get used to it, but just not my cup of tea I guess. They are quality bows though for sure, and glad you like it! It looks sweet!
  6. davglo35

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    I shot both the DNA and the Revenge. I liked both. The Revenge fit me better so I bought it. Love the speed and PSE is now a top bow company. The DNA is a sweet bow for sure.