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It's about to happen...

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Father-in-Law and me went out on the lake for about an hour from about 6:40-7:40 tonight. We ended up keeping three crappie, but shoulda had 5 at least. I lost a good one and he lost a good one.

I caught two other dinks, that I coulda hooked through the lips and used as bait but I let them go.

They were up in about 5 feet of water about 2-3 feet off the base of trees.

So in an hour, we kept 3. The biggest one has eggs in it and was getting pretty fat.

We were fishing jigs on jiggin poles about 1 1/2 feet deep. I had a black/chart tube on mine and Ronnie had a green/green tube on his.

Not bad for an hour...

Pics to come...(it's only three, but it's the first ones of 2008 so I'm excited about it).
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The really good time to fish is coming fast.
Okay, here's the pics...sorry for my goofy grin...and they aren't real big and there ain't too many, but it still got me a little bit'll have to excuse the goofy grin.:thumb:

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Yeah buddy! Thats the ones I'm lookin fer, just ain't had a chance to get to the lake...that's a cool lookin PIL ya got too...don't he ever get on here[post]?
Nice catch. I'm about ready to go after those speckled fish too.
I missed out on some good fishing Sunday afternoon.
Went on a little 4-wheeler ride after lunch and ended up wasting about 3 - 4 hours trying to get an army jeep out of a creek that it had no business driving off in.
Got Some More!!!

Went back out this afternoon about 5:30 again...

Got some more fish!

Some nice sized crappie...the largest one at about 16 1/2 inches was a King Kong sized MALE. We coulda sworn he was gonna be a female...he must've alluded us last year!

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I'm gonna hit a honey hole or two this weekend with the kid. I'll post pictures if we get any and he doesn't throw the rod in the lake again.
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