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It's about time

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I went to lake Jack Nolen in Greenwood today and finnaly had my turn.
I've been down there fishing my little heart out for the last four months
and hadn't caught a thing while everyone else were tearin up and today was my day. For nearly an hour one after the other. They were all small besides
the eight decents ones I kept. There were about six others fishing and I didn't see them catch one fish. Patience pays off.
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congrats on the patience paying off. Besides "Fish" what were you catching?
Crappie and one small bass. I guess I left that out.:smack:
that happened to me and my family last spring. We fished about four hours and caught lots of crappie. Other people came by and told us there were no fish in the lake. We just kept puting them in the bucket. Other people came and fished and caught nothing. We didn't keep anything that was less than 10" and took home just over 20 crappie. We threw back about half of what we caught.
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