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Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by QuailRidge, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. QuailRidge

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    The primer bubble on my fuel line. Fired up the old boat motor this morning and I have to pump the primer bubble every 10-15 seconds to keep it going. It ran great last weekend. I'm thinking It's sucking air either through a pinhole in the fuel line or a bad oring where the line hooks to the motor. I couldn't spot a fuel leak in the dark this morning but I'll look for one after we finish hunting. If that's not it, does anyone have an idea where to look next?
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    When I read your title I was gonna suggest this might not be the appropriate forum. Never mind..................

  3. tmeredith

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  4. curdog1

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    I’d say it’s just old time for a new one
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    And curdog says to get a new one
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    Just going to leave this one alone, that title is bait for some trouble. Just need to lock the thread.
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    I thought it would get noticed and somebody would have another suggestion about what is wrong. Found a vacuum line rotted and replaced all of them. No change. Fuel line ends look good and don't bleed off pressure while it is not running. I'm going to pick up a new one tomorrow and try it. If its not that then I'm leaning toward a bad fuel pump.
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    I’m not “touching” this topic...
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    Probably age related. Time for a new one.:)
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    Have you tried kicking it and cussing it?
  11. QuailRidge

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    Wanted to. Had my daughter in the boat so I had to stay calm. Ruled out an air leak and I am sure it's the fuel pump. Going to check on getting one tomorrow. The motor is 30 years old so I won't be spending much on it. May go with an electric fuel pump if a diaphragm pump is expensive.
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    Well, she'll be in school tomorrow I suppose. You could beat the crap out of it and cuss it a little bit and maybe it'll work.
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