It was a good season

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    But yeah a win last night would have made it great. A majority of the people seem to harp on the dropped passes last night and I didn't watch it so I have to go by what's said, but here's the thing. Arkansas' defense averaged giving up a little over 23 points/game and there's no offense that can bail you out every time, they are going to have a bad day.

    Maybe if everybody would look at the full body of work for a second they might feel better.

    Three SEC road wins....
    @ Georgia
    @ #18 South Carolina
    @ #21 Mississippi St.

    They beat #6 LSU, that makes three wins over ranked teams in the same year.

    Their three loses....
    #1 Alabama
    #7 Auburn (playing in the National Title game)
    #6 Ohio St. (I thought and still believe Arkansas is the better team)

    Arkansas has definitely made huge strides offensively and look good for next year unless there's more than expected leave for any reasons including the NFL. If they can come close to matching those gains on the defenseive side of the ball they will be even more of a force to contend with and I know the "wait till next year" gets old but I think they are real close to being the "we're here" team everybody wants.

    **Of course the rankings above were at the date the game was played.
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    Preach it Possum! That's what I'm talking about. First BCS birth in the school's HISTORY. We are making HUGE strides.

    The wait and see with Nutt got old because every year was the same. But in 3 short years BP has made HUGE strides each year, next year will be no differnt.

    You have to have top caliber players to be a top caliber team, BP gets a few more each year, I'll wear my Hog gear proudly any day of the week after the year we had this year.

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    I thought Auburn was ranked #1 when they beat us.

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    As much as I wanted to see what we could do against OSU full strength, I find myself feeling like we lost to a bunch of cheaters yesterday! I hope the NCAA chokes on the money they and the cheater school made off of the game last night! What a joke the NCAA has become! Sour grapes, or reality??? I don't know...... I am just proud of the way the team represented us last night, inspite of everything!!!
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    Nope, #12 Arkansas @ #7 Auburn. I'm thinking Auburn didn't gain the #1 ranking until the last couple weeks of the season.
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    All I'll say on this is....

    The NCAA could have kept them out, but didn't because it might have hurt rating and cost money.

    OSU could have kept them out, but didn't because it could have cost them the game. I've heard the OSU coach talk about the integrity of the game, he showed none.

    Had this been players at Arkansas one of the two entities would have kept them out of the game.
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    Wooooooooo pig soooie!


    Yeah I'm over it. It's all good today!
    Looking forward to this season.
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    Good season. We had Alabama on the ropes and Ohio State in the grasp. :up:
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    It was a great season. Think back to how it was a few years ago. The hogs played some of the best teams in the country this year and only lost 3 by small margins,Had we done a few little things different we could have won them all. We are still rebuilding under a new coach. We will be able to attract more good players with the success we are having. And I am looking forward to next year.
  11. I started a thread last night ranting about the refs, the dropped passes, the offensive line, etc. Now that i've had time to cool off i wish i hadnt started that thread. I love the Razorbacks and as dissapointed as i was with the game's outcome, I still love the Razorbacks. I'm proud of their awesome performance in the second half and am looking foreward to next year's football season!

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    Wait till next year, but again we will, I'm running out of years, I do think this team will learn from this loss and we will be better next year. Razorbacks have a lot of players returning. Guess we wait and see.
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    The Razorbacks provided me with a lot of entertainment for an enjoyable season. Some have mentioned ,"why can't we win the big one"? Well we have...remember Georgia, LSU? Those were big games although not as big as last night. I don't believe we choked, although I don't believe I saw our best performance. The Hogs won games as a team this year and last night they lost as a team and I include coaches in that. There were 60 minutes of opportunities and missed opportunitieS. I just wish the missed opportunities column was shorter. I love some hogs football. Looking forward to next year.
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    Watching a couple of our ioncoming lineman in the UA game makes me feel good about the future. I think thewy have been the best 2 out there tonight! Smothers - Center and Cook is playing gaurd
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    all i have to say on this is we didnt lose a game all year where the other team beat us. we always seem to beat ourselves. work a few kinks out in the offseason and were right back in the top next year:thumb:
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    I agree possum. The Hogs had a great season and were in position to win every game that we lost. We didnt get blown out in any of them.

    I honestly believe that we should have beaten Ohio State and we had our chances but there's no shame in losing to a team with their pedigree. They have one of the most storied programs in college football. They have a Top 10 or better recruiting class every year. Just imagine what it will be like here if and when we consistently sign that caliber of class year in and year out with Bobby Petrino as our head coach.

    Im proud to be a Razorback fan and cant wait till next year!
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    Looking forward, Cook and Smothers had really good games last night. Cook played gaurd and Smothers played Center. Smothers wore his guy out all night long. Cook was out of position and you could tell he's not a guard but he won his battles on run blocking every time but one and his guy never got close to the qb on pass protection. Saw several plays where he would set and punch on pass blocking and knock his guy down. Wish they would have put him on Clowney the all everything DE that was tearing the LT up.
  18. Selfbow

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    OSU stunted all night against our 0-Line and it killed us.

    We were zone blocking 5 against 3 most of the night and couldn't give Mallet any time. We had 2 guys blocking air most of the night while our other 3 were getting whipped on the outside.

    But.......It was a great season and great not to hear all of those excuses that we used to hear under the testicle.