It is time to change arkansas gun laws!!

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by Lungbustr05, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Lungbustr05

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    If the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy has taught us anything it should be that evil does not discriminate on where it strikes and criminals hell bent on killing the innocent do not pay attention to gun free zones. The Arkansas General Assembly is meeting next month. Arkansas citizens should have every advantage under the law to protect themselves no matter where they are in the state. If you agree with this it is time to contact your senator and let them know that you want to see legislation on the table this up coming session to not limit where you are allowed to protect yourself, your family, and the innocent. Click on the link, click on your county, find your senator and be a thorn in their side until the next session. That is the only way we are going to change anything. Sitting on your butt complaining about gun laws will accomplish nothing.
  2. jhw

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    While I agree with the NRA, that we should have armed guards at every school, I certainly wouldn't want just anyone with a CC, carrying a gun into the school where my grandsons go.

  3. 7 point

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    IMHO I'd rather see police officers in the school. I think there's too many variables in volunteers and with all the perverts running around these days, that would be the perfect opportunity for one to be around kids.
  4. marshmallow

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  5. Versus everywhere else they go in society?

    Honest question.
  6. QuarterBore

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    There are people with concealed carry weapons almost everywhere you go in public. If there is a whacko shooting up my kids second grade class, I don't give a damn who puts a stop to the carnage.

    Please understand that there are plenty of certified Law Enforcement Officers that are absolute morons when it comes to guns. A badge doesn't mean they're any more competent with a firearm than anybody else.
  7. jhw

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    Anywhere they go in society, they are with parents or grandparents. Hopefully we will be able to protect them. At school we wouldn't have that chance, because we wouldn't be there.
  8. thompson

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    We Could be. I for one would be more than willing to give a days vacation a year to take my turn. I don't even have kids in school anymore. There are enough retired officials in most county's who would also be more than honored to do so I would bet. I think we may all be surprised.
  9. Buckrub

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    If we place a 'cop' at EVERY schoolroom in America, they WILL be "rent a cops", not on duty LEO's. Geez. There's not enough of them to go around......they'd have to just rent a 'security officer' in most poor school districts.

    The NRA proposal is goofy, unless they want another massive tax increase to fund it.

    I'm tired of placing blame. I'm tired of reading about others trying to place blame. It's like if we can't accurately find the blame in this case, we've failed. Geez. Stop already. The blame is one nut who got a gun one day. If those had been locked, he'd have found one next week or next year. If they were ALL locked, he'd have used a lead pipe. Might have killed fewer kids, I admit, but however many he killed would be dead.

    Bad things happen to good people. This world is not Heaven, and it has flaws, some of which are absurd or unknowable.

    Fix what you can, discuss whatever you want to, but there is no answer that will fix the next one of these from happening. Not a single answer. Period.
  10. Rent a cop or not it would help. Mass shooters choose schools because they are resistance free zones. Place resistance there and they will move along. Look at what happened when the police got to the CT school, the shooter didn't try to engage them, he just ate a bullet as soon as they arrived. The Oregon mall shooter sent himself to hell after seeing 1 citizen pull his carry weapon and not even fire. It's not a question of could the armed security win a shoot out with the gunman, it's about denying the would be killer a risk free killing field of defenseless victims.
  11. jhw

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    As long as the person was well screened, I would not be against that. What you are talking about, is totally different than just anyone with a CC, carrrying a gun into the school.
  12. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    If we cut a few hundred billion of our hard earned tax dollars that we are sending to Pakistan, Afgahanistan and a few more of those 'stans that hate us we could pay for a couple of full time cops in every school in the country and still have money left over.
  13. jhw

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    RIGHT ON Mr. C.
  14. Buckrub

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    Of course that's right. But of course it's a dream.

    I'm close to bowing out of the 'dialogue' that everyone seems to want to have on the subject. I'm convinced there are no answers, and that especially, the answers I have heard so far are worthless.

    I'm always the Contrarian, though.
  15. QuarterBore

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    I'm likely to bow out because facts and reason seem to have no place in the national conversation on securing our schools and reducing violence. It's all about quick and emotional legislation that will do absolutely nothing to prevent whackos from committing violent and heinous acts. The majority of our population wants the government to care for their every need and wants this country to be more like progressive European countries. I say :censored: on them.
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    except Federal places, schools, places that have signs that say you can't take guns in there ..... all those areas are magnets to crazies
  17. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    Yep, gun free zones ain't working out like the libitards and soccer moms dreamed.

  18. 50 million kids went to school that day. 20 died. A tragedy for sure, but the US not destroyed by welfare/drug war is not the battle zone the media makes it out to be.......

    There is risk in a free society that CAN NOT be mitigated. Knee jerks is how you get Hiter, Stalin, or a Roman Emperor. I believe Obama is one of those types.
  19. QuarterBore

    QuarterBore Well-Known Member

    Absolutely. But responsible CCW permit holders can't be trusted. We're shootin' places up left and right.
  20. Delbert

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    That is the only way, anything less is a joke.