It is not a good day!

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Hēlim, Dec 19, 2012.

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    I went to get a pack of loin out of the freezer to thaw out for dinner tonight and found that all of my meat was thawed and ruined. Apparently someone thought it was a good idea to lay a mop on the freezer. The mop fell and knocked the plug out of the wall sometime this past week. A total of 6 deer between me and my dad lost due to this. It sucks! I spent many hours hunting to fill the tags, more hours processing the meat myself and now nothing to show for it.

  2. AWWWWWWWWw, that sucks,I've had that happen before...
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    sorry about loss happened to me once suggest you plug freezer back in and refreez will be lots easier to deal with mess
  4. Buckrub

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    Has happened to me several times, in several ways.


    DO NOT plug your freezer into one of those power strips with a reset switch. I lost a whole huge freezer that way. Power went off, tripped the switch to 'off', and then came back on. Of course, the strip didn't come back on, and thus the freezer didn't either.

    Be forewarned. Use only a regular extension cord, and a heavy duty one at that. Deer are about twelve or nineteen bazillion dollars a pound, so don't lose one!
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    I just went through the same thing. I had a dow rod on the top of the freezer fall off and evidently unplug the deep freeze two weeks ago. We lost all of our chicken, frozen foods, but the only wild game was grouse we shot in September while bear hunting. Meat is a lot more expensive here in AK than there in AR, so it really hurt the wallet. I feel for you man.
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    Bad deal, but sounds like a prime opportunity to bait up come cyot's
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    That SUCKS! I had to go check my freezer to make sure i was good still.
  9. flintknapper

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    My wife wants to invest in a freezer, and I've been looking into those alarms that sound when the temp rises above a set level.
    Anybody used one of those?

    Sorry for your loss man. Deer meat has to be the most expensive on the planet!
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    Sorry for your loss, I had that happen to me one time only it was lightning that took out the freezer. I got up the other morning & found my freezer door open about 6 inches & everything started defrosting but luckily We did not lose anything.Ice cream got a bit soft so I ordered a freezer alarm off eBay & got it today. it looks as if it may be alright.It has 2 settings freezer it goes off at 19 & fridge it goes off at 49. I have a small thermometer probe thru the door that shows the freezer runs about 25 degrees normally,but the new alarm shows the inside temp running -2 degrees. I may have to get another for the fridge.Cost was about $15 delivered.
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    We've got 2 big freezers and besides meat from deer, fish and the beef we have butchered there are lots of vegetables we put up. We use it daily so we should catch a thawing pretty quick, but I've thought about wiring a light buld socket into the cord and putting a low voltage light, like a nite light in it. If the plug is working, the light would be on.
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    That sucks big time, a hard one to swallow.
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    Had it happen to me. It was the biggest buck I've ever killed too!
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    I once had a freezer give up the ghost on me and lost almost an entire side of beef. Fortunately, my insurance covered the loss (after a $250 deductable).
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    Sorry to hear this, but I would suspect alot of us have had to deal with this once. Not a fun time for sure. Like was said before, they make freezers now with alarms built in them, but if you have one of the older ones and Want some peace of mind,Maybe something everyone need to have on there freezer:


    They start out for as little as $11!
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    This is the exact alarm I got off e-bay I didn't see how much shipping on this was from the restaurant service?
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    Put freezer on a battery backup, they are sold at walmart. Gives several hours in a power loss and beeps when it gets low. You getvan alarm and some back up