It’s time to support our President

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    No longer silent with my snowflake friends. They are not silent so now it’s time to give a dose of reality. The silent majority must wake up. F3E97C7A-EFE7-480D-BD34-F66A8CBBA6A8.jpeg
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    Is this thread about the cicada hatch? I thought that already didn't happen...

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    Been up since 3-17-20, 3' x 8'

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    I wouldn’t worry about the folks around here. Being silent doesn’t make them snowflakes, if they believe in and stick to their convictions at the ballot box their voice will be heard.

    I honestly believe the so called middle ground people are going to choose Trump. My sister and my mom both voted for Gary Johnson ‘cause they couldn’t bring themselves to vote for either Satan...I mean Clinton or Trump. They’re both voting for Trump this time, and they’re in districts in states that he needs their vote.
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    Very good to hear.
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    81C35707-D209-497A-A914-2F9230D39093.jpeg 48DF1B7B-5E02-4310-8752-EAF420B7D756.jpeg CFE35869-5FD5-4922-A20C-1AB2ED5E1CC8.jpeg I like to keep things simple in my life, trust in God is number one over everything. Treat everyone with love. Help my neighbor and a stranger if they need help. I don’t judge anyone and pretty much accept everyone for who they are. I don’t buy into the media’s narrative that we are at a race war though I know some would love that. I’ll let that play out however it goes. But I keep life simple and read the word of God to guide me.

    I had a buddy ask me how I keep from getting stressed out and that’s simple I worry about things I can control. Like my tomato’s and how much fertilize or water I give them. Or how much corn I feed my deer, or maybe which deer stand I plan to kill that buck.

    I got up this morning at deer camp and brewed a stout cup of coffee and watched a young coyote pup wander around aimlessly. This evening I pulled some trail camera cards and got up in a stand and within 30 minutes watched a doe come in and feed for a hour. Boys I keep it simple and life goes.

    This evening I installed lights on my bad boy and mowed in the dark just to do it. Then I had a nice stiff beverage and watched the campfire with the moon shining overhead.

    To end the night I watched the game 6 of the 2011 World Series and watched Mike Freeze win the game.

    So all in all a good day. Life goes on and the simple things in life is what matters. 3 months until deer season and that’s about the only exciting thing I look forward to , that and the election.
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  8. ArkGirl

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    I need to buy 3 flags...the current Arkansas State Flag, a new American Flag, and a Trump flag or sign.
  9. ArkGirl

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    So...back before I started distance riding I ran a lot of barrels and rode with a drill team. This was in Texas and the flag I always carried was this one. I just wonder how many know what this flag actually represents. I'm betting a guy could fly this at Nascar and the fools would be none the wiser.
    Jackpot 2.jpg
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    Funny that you post this. I just ordered my TRUMP 2020 and Don't Tread on Me Flag last week. We host a family 4th of July fish fry every year so my new flags will be displayed for it along with two Stars and Stripes flags.
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  11. Buckrub

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    That's the First National Flag of the Confederate States of America, with 7 stars. Subsequent flags were similar but with 9, then 11, then 13 stars.

    The Flag on Dukes of Hazard car, and the one everyone thinks is the Confederate flag, is the battle flag, designed because the National Flag looked too much like the Union Flag in the heat of battle. It was incorporated into the national flag to make the Stainless Banner.

    So there were several flags associated with the Confederacy. But the one you are carrying in that picture is the first National Flag. It would be flying today around here if the Union had not picked U.S. Grant up off of the trash heap and stuck him in charge.
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  12. bogob

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    Found a place to order.
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  13. bumpus

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    We will proudly be flying our American flag and Trump 2020 on the Elevenpoint River this weekend! If anybody is up above Dalton on the river, stop by and grab something off the grill.
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  14. ArkGirl

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    Well exactly @Buckrub...but I would expect folks here to know that. The average liberal idiot likely has no idea that there were any other flags flown by the Confederacy. They are ignorant of all that matters of our history.
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  15. Ange

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    Our Republican Senators and Congressmen need to support Trump. We are doing our part
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  16. John Stiles

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    In fact, they are bent towards erasing all of it including but not limited to the uS Constitution!