It’s just a mask...

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by Mr. Chitlin, Jun 30, 2020.

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    According to Trump, in the US, there has been 40 million tests. Almost 3,000,000 positive tests. I am assuming the 40 million tests include retests. The CDC says of those tested, 8.7% tested positive. Probably not nearly all of us have had it. I have been told by those in the medical profession, there are a lot of folks who come in with a sore throat convinced they have it, and don't test positive. Those folks probably would not have even gone to the Dr for anything this time last year. The sensationalism of this disease makes everyone who has a sore throat, a fever, or a headache, think they have the covid. I was reading a report from a Dr in Dallas, where they are experiencing a big outbreak. He said he was disappointed in the few number of people who tested positive for the antibodies. He said we are so far from herd immunity it wasn't even in the discussion. I just heard on the news where they estimated 1% of the population in FL has had it - that is a lot of folks, but that is a long way from everyone having it or achieving herd immunity.
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    My secretary and boss just both tested positive in suppose to get tested but I’m going on vacation. The secretaries husband had it so I guess that’s where it came from. None of the 3 showed any symptoms.
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    Nasty Stuff
    Showed back up here in another local Church..
    Every thing is Closed..
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    No everything ain’t closed yet
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    I told my wife back in March that this was all going to boil down to making us all wear masks. I cannot express just how disgusted I am by this evisceration of our civil liberties in such a short time.
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    Amen..….and, as one of the memes pointed out, I'm just waiting for the mandatory vaccine. The thought of that has me worried, going to cause a lot of trouble.
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    Don’t comply! Screw them.
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    And they probly gonna sneak a "chip" in that vaccine shot!
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    :usa:Yes I will take the vaccine---and I take the flu and Pneumonia shots also.
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    NE Ark
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    That is what I heard and some Hospitals ICU's are full.

    I predict that the schools may open--- but will have to reclose.
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    Which ones are full I keep hearing this? Are they open to there normal bed capacity? I’m up to like 15 folks I know that’s had it. None have been admitted.
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    Florida has 56 hospitals that there ICU's are full.

    The university of miss. medical center's are full. U.S. News and world report. home page.

    Houston has NO ICU's beds that are not full.

    10 states are projected to hit there peaks w/o enough ICU beds.
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    I wonder if peak with covid is the same as pre Covid days.
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    Its just getting started here imo. Hope im wrong but when surrounding states start getting hammered it will carry over here too most likely. Texas is big so per capita idk where they are but if it hits central and nw arkansas like it has houston get ready to see full hospitals right here at home. Sad to think about, but its real and really possible to be in our faces soon.
    We will likely see a steady increase to a spike soon then will taper off hopefully. Keep your old folks safe from it best you can. They still seem to be highest risk of dying from it.
    Im sure a lot of people have had it and didnt know but my guess is we arent even halfway thru this yet far as number of cases. Its been spread out good so far and maybe it stays that way but afraid its gonna spike/ ramp up. Its gettin realer by the day so stay safe friends.
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    It took decades to get vaccines for diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough, polio, measles, mumps and rubella. People still get tetanus and whooping cough, etc.

    People have been conditioned to believe that vaccines are the end all cure all. The insistence that people get a flu shot every year accomplished that. People still get the flu. Some years the vaccine is engineered for a certain strain of flu and a whole different strain infects the populace.

    I put zero faith in whatever vaccine they come up with. If they can't stop the flu, they can't stop this virus either. I hope to be proven wrong.