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No Junk. I don't mind paying for something that's not torn up. I don't want to work on anything. I want the popup to be ready to take to the lake tomorrow. NO leaks, no soft spots, working appliances, no crazy patch-work on the roof or canvas.

As far as a bumper pull, I need one 19ft or less... Preferably on the less side so I can piggy-back my boat trailer behind it.

I'm in Bryant and would be willing to travel a little bit for the right deal. Of course, I don't want to pay new or almost new prices for a rig you've already stunk up and drooled on. Can't expect me to buy one for $8000 that's only $9000 new. Same goes for the price range I'm looking for which is way lower. :biggrin:

Like I said, I've got enough cash to buy a good one so long as you realize what you have isn't brand new.

Thanks all for your time. I also keep an eye on CL so no need to point me over there.

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