is this normal for a squirrel dog?

Discussion in 'Small Game and Bird Hunting' started by Big E, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. Big E

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    went this am. didnt see much movement. my 7mo old Mt. Feist wont wonder but about 20 yards at the most and then he comes and checks in with me often. he hunts around and sniffs alot. he found a den tree with an opening at the bottom. he stood inside it and smelled around but he just dont go far. is that normal?
  2. mikeg

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    Just keep him in the woods and he will learn, still a little young but you have to start somewhere

  3. Big E

    Big E Well-Known Member

    thanks mikeg. he is my first and i really want a squirrel dog. just not sure how to go about training him. ive read alot online about building cages with live squirrels and all but i just dont have time to put that much into it right now. the best i can do is take him and hope he turns out. my work keeps me busy!
  4. Big E

    Big E Well-Known Member

    do i hunt normally and slip like i always do or walk around and let the dog do the hunting?

    SKEETER Well-Known Member

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    You dont need to fool with caged game, u can ruin a dog by showing it to much caged game. Dont shoot squirrels unless the dog trees them. You just have to keep taking him where there is squirrels and if he has it he will start treeing on his own. 7 mo. is still a young, some do start that early.
  6. ralin

    ralin Well-Known Member

    I have 2 mt feist sq. dogs and let me tell ya, you cant expect much out of a 7 month old pup. You hear about these 4 5 6 month old dogs treeing, it rarely ever happens. Dont use caged game or hangups more than a couple times. You just have to take him to the woods, even when you dont feel like it. Take him to a park that has squirrels and let him work, if he trees pet him up real good and let him know thats what you want. My best dog at the moment didnt start till he was 17 months old, but that was due to the time I had to take him. Never shoot a squirrel he dont tree or bark at either, I learned the hard way. You have to commit yourself to the dog and give him the opportunity, if he has it it will come out. Good luck and dont give up to soon!
  7. shady grove

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    Ive got a pup that treed for the first time the other day. He had been treeing my neighbors cat and barking at a caged coon for a while. He smells up trees and on the ground. The only reason he treed that one was it was in a hollow log and when he smelled at the log it took off, it went up a tree not two feet away. It wasnt like he trailed it and treed it, theres no tellin how long it will be before I can call him started. One of the best coon dogs I ever had treed for the first time when he was 7 mo old, he didnt look up another tree til he was right at a year.
  8. SalineRiver

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    Live trap a squirrel. Let your dog get around him and encourage him on it--don't spend too much time on a caged squirrel. Take both out in the middle of a field and turn em loose. Sic'em on it and encourage him to go. Get exited about this he'll turn on.
  9. John Stiles

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    Pretty normal for dry cold weather conditions plus lots of leaves and wind. After a light rain would be a great time to take young dogs out.:up:
  10. angus

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    Take him out..and out... and out ...and out. Old Timers say, wearing out about two pairs of boots is what it takes. Charles Fasola, has on his website, some excellent pointers, and "Squirrel Dog Central" has great forums on training. Time and patience, time and patience.
  11. Big E

    Big E Well-Known Member

    thank you for all the good advice. i guess i want him to tree a mess the first time out.hahaha!!! really though, im new at the dog thing for hunting and am really stoked about having a squirrel dog. ive wanted one since i was a kid.
  12. outdoorartist

    outdoorartist Well-Known Member

    I've got a fiest pup I am working with that sounds like it is in exactly the same phase as your pup. She is 6 mths and when she smells a squirrel she starts whining and trailing but quits when he gets to the tree. She normally stays 20-30 yards from me but will run out on short burts to around 60-70 yrds. Just takes time and Patience. I have trained Mt. Curs before, but this is my first fiest and I can tell a big difference. Not bad, Just different! I do get a kick out of her playing with a squirrel tail, she throws that thing 5-10 feet like a cat. If there is a log around she is on it running back and forth! Crazy balance at such a young age!