Is There Really Such a Thing as Being Lucky?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by SwampCat, Dec 1, 2012.

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    Or - being unlucky. I am not talking about making a lucky shot or going to a new place and getting lucky and shooting a big buck first time there. I am talking about actually being "unlucky" when it comes to seeing deer. I have always sort of thought I was unlucky deer hunting but attributed most of my lack of seeing deer to the fact I usually send the folks I hunt with to the good spots and I hunt the less than good spots. But it has really been reinforced the last two weeks. My wife killed a buck the first day of rifle season so we have been hunting together since then because she wanted to video me shooting a deer. We have seen almost nothing since then - hunting some usually pretty productive stands. We make at least one, if not two hunts everyday and are seeing a deer maybe every three or four hunts - and nothing very big. Last Friday, my son and I were duck hunting so my wife took my son's girlfriend to a stand we had hunted several times without seeing a deer previously - they saw a decent 8 pt and the girlfriend shot at a deer at 40 yards my wife estimated would score 130 - and missed. This past Tuesday, I told my wife to go hunting by herself because I was keeping her from seeing deer. We both went to stands we has hunted several times - she saw six, I saw none. We hunted the next couple of days together and saw one doe. Yesterday evening, we split up again and she saw three bucks and I did not see a thing. My buddy came down to bowhunt with me for dive days the first week of November - he shot at more deer in five days than I had seen while bowhunting in the previous 45 days - and this is nothing unusual - this is the norm. I don't know how my wife ever sees a deer - she brings a big backpack and is always digging in it for something - she is always on her phone browsing the Internet or on facebook - I sit like a statue. I am also "unlucky" when it comes to catching large bass - I can catch plenty of bass, but NEVER one that weighs 5 lbs. There are some things that I actually think I am "lucky" at - I have been fishing for blue marlin five times and caught three - that is unheard of - unfortunately I don't do that much.
    So, am I unlucky deer hunting - or just coincidence that everyone sees more deer than I do?
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    You are cursed!! You better go see the Witch Dr.!!!! :Hehe. The next deer you shoots will be that much more special!! Good luck

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    Take a shower!:fit:

    The reason my buddies hate fore to show up is cause they say deer fallow me! Keep at SwampCat! It will happen!
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    Bet your wife smells better than you do! :) Or maybe she just looks better & doesn't need to hide! :)

    I unserstand your "luck". I can set up a stand, hunt it, never see anything. Let someone else sit on it & deer will come sit in their lap. Go figure???
  5. Watch what you say. Start saying you are very lucky and you will see the biggest deer and catch the biggest bass and see what happens.
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    I've seen with mounts you have hanging in your living room and seen the "PILE-O-HORNS" lying on your porch, I've even seen some deer on your place that I would have smoked in a second that you described as " medium size". You're not "unlucky" your just "TOO DAMN PICKY":whistle:

  7. No, you are the guide.

    I can set my Dad up on hunts and he'll have nearly perfect success early season and mine never work as out as well for whatever reason.

    Duck hunting was no different when I was big into that...... I chunked thousands of decoys, blew for hundreds of hours, chased untold cripples, handed multiple banded ducks over I had dead to rights............ bet I've actually killed less than 50 ducks in my lifetime.
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    Welcome to the club. I'm praying a little Dow walks out. That would be a success for me. I've only ever seen what I would call a nice buck one while in the stand (I missed). Yet here I am back at it up early and out late. My time will come so will yours.
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    You know, I had not really thought about this - but 15 or 20 years ago, I would have already killed two run of the mill 8 pts and been done - and satisfied. I have passed a number of deeer that I would not have 15 yrs ago.

    I know there is something to this. Early this year I was struggling to see any deer - and I put my wife in a stand that she saw and 8 pt or better 6 hunts in a row. And I never hunt the spots I put my buddy in prior to him getting here. This is part of it, but I still wonder some times.
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    I am not totally convinced. Have me down to your place and set me on a stand the you get in another stand so we can further research this situation !!
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    Mark chapter 11 verse 23 & 24, preach it brother. :up:
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    Here is more proof how "unlucky" I am. There is a foodplot 400 yards down the ridge from my house. I have hunted it with my wife six different time and have yet to see a deer. My wife hunted it without me the day after thanksgiving and saw two bucks, one evening a day or two ago and saw three bucks and this evening and saw three more bucks and killed this one. Six times with me and no deer seen - three times without me and 8 bucks seen. I rest my case.
  13. sorry for your luck but that thing is a brute. Congrats to her
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    :woohoo: What a nice buck!! Tell Mrs. Swampcat ole porky said congrats!! That one looks like it will go on the wall........but don't forget about your FREE euro mount!!:up: Look at ALL them hogs you got that I would LOVE to have!!:biggrin: I hunted all day today on my lease and didn't see Nothin......went to your land for 30 min around lunch and saw 5 doe and one nice buck!!:smack:
  15. SwampCat

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    Even more proof how unlucky I am - I hunted over there this evening and did not see a thing and my son killed a doe. My wife killed the big one by the house.
  16. stumpy

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    Sometimes it's all in perspective don't think of it as bad luck because of what you did not get ... Think of it as good luck for what you did and find yourself bessed to have others you know and love to give and share with all those things your " bad luck" didn't provide to you
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    Relax and don't worry bout seeing anything. My dad once told me the reason I couldn't kill a good deer is because I worried about being in right place to much. He just kinda rolls with it and can kill a buck on the tater chip isle at piggly wiggly. He may have talked all day about sitting a certain stand get within a hundred yards and change his mind and go 1 mile away and sit on a bucket beside a tree. Next thing u know he sees decent bucks most of the time within a short period of sitting down.

    Follow ur gut and just roll with it.
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    I feel your pain.
  19. Passthrough

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    Luck is a relative term. If I owned some great land and was able to hunt with my family often I would feel very lucky

  20. You probably won't shoot a deer if you see one anyway........ when you move into manager/guide mode your trigger finger stops working...... it is more about the process and the kill is no longer part of that for you.

    I've let several deer walk I had to hunt really hard to see the past few years....... I'll make every excuse to not pull the trigger for whatever reason.