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Is it open or not?

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AGFC created a huge mess by releasing some half put together statement that left too many questions unanswered. I'm reading threads that say only private land is open and then last night some agfc rep on facebook made a statement that hinted that public land is open too. Something about this doesn't smell right. Why did they wait till the last minute right before they all left for the holidays to release such a statement. Their hotline says public land is closed, their website says its closed. Does anybody know anyone to call and try and get a straight answer. What a cluster:censored:
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Now take this from the sources I have been talking to, from what I was told by some friends of mine that work for the G&F, as of now, who knows about 10 minutes from now, everything may change when who ever behind this deal wakes up this AM and goes to thinking again, anyway

the lattest is all private land and all public land owned by the G&F inside the flood zones will open, with the exception of Hurricane & Black Swamp WMA's which will remained closed. All land is open during the dates allowed, Dec 26 thru Jan 8 for what was legally allowed to take place by the season guidelines.

The remaining grey area is what the condition of the Federally owned NWR's are. Nothing has been stated in Black & White as to if the Fed's are on board with this or not!

Anyway, thats the way it is at 9.01 AM, Decemeber the 24th, 2011. At 9.02 it may all change!!!!!!
if the hotline and the web sight says its closed i would not risk a ticket......jmo
If the G&F has not completely turned into a typicial goverment agency, seems one has to jump thru hoops to every get a simple Yes or No to a question, seems it just will not happen with them, no way, no how, and when they do finally give an answer it goes againest what they have allready said. Here is what is on their facebook now:

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Any WMA inside one of the flood prone zones we opened will be open too; unless there is a scheduled modern gun hunt, they will be archery only.
Now this post say ALL. In the earlier post it said ALL except Hurricane & Black Swamp. So is that ALL meaning ALL or is that ALL meaning except????? Still not a word about the Federal NWR's yet!
On the AG&F facebook page, they just posted that the WMA's inside the flood zones, WILL BE OPEN. This is with the exception of Hurricane and Black Swamp.
What about NWR's, Cache River, Bald Knob and White River?
What about NWR's, Cache River, Bald Knob and White River?
They said you would have to call the NWR, to find out if they would be open.
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