Is 9mm worth reloading?

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  1. tdf

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    Maybe I just havent found good enough deals on bulk jacketed bullets or maybe I should shoot lead, if that will bring the price down, but in yalls opinion is reloading 9mm worth it. I have a Lee turret press if that changes anyones mind. I've heard some say they can reload for pennies, I just haven't figure out how yet, am I missing something. You can still find some deals on 9mm ammo so I was wondering if reloading 9mm is worth it in money and time.
  2. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    If you just shoot a few boxes a year, probably not. If you shoot that many a month, it might be worth it. Shooting lead will be cheaper than shooting jacket bullets, but lead is dirtier to handle.

    If you buy 1000 HC lead bullets for $40, 1000 primers for $20 and a pound of powder for $20, you can load 1000 rounds of 9mm for ~$70, because you will only use about half the pound of powder.

  3. eatmorelk

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    reloading 9mm

    I used to reload 9mm and 40s&w ,but I could never keep from having a few jams.I don't think it would be worth it with 9mm ammo at 8.99 a box.But that's up here,it may be more in Ar..
  4. tdf

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    Where would be a good place to look for these lead rounds and primers? I cant find anything that cheap. I dont shoot a ton, and havent shot much since deer season started but I probably shoot about 300-400 rounds a month now that my deer season is over.
  5. johnf

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    There is a place in VanBuren that makes lead bullets. I'll see if I can find the number.
  6. arcountryboy

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    Message Kfarm on here, he gave me some reloaded 9's and 38's with lead so I'm sure he know's where to get them.
  7. tdf

    tdf Well-Known Member

    Thanks fellas, if yall know of anywhere online too that offers the best deals and that yall would recommend send the info my way.
  8. loki

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    Years ago I swore off handloading. I just didn't think I had the time for it. So, I chose a rifle in .308 and a 9mm. Good, inexpensive ammo was available thru winchester, white box stuff. It worked out pretty well. Unfortunately, things change. That ammo has increased in cost and worse.....became hard to get. Time for a reset. I'm reloading now. I saved all that brass from over the years. I don't know what I'm spending on 9mm ammo these days but I've got tons of brass and even when times were bad for finding loaded ammo I could still find components when I tried. So, now I'm reloading 9mm. Not too bad. Sometimes you just havta' change with the times.
  9. Mr. Chitlin

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    Yea Loki, I remember the days of surplus Port and Aussie 7.62x51 for just over $100 per thousand, and I have shot cases of the South Afrikan 5.56x45 that we bought about 8 or 10 years ago for $279 per 2700 round case. I still have ~6 to 7K of 7.62x39 that I bought for $66/K shipped.

    Man, the good ole days of surplus ammo... :biggrin:
  10. loki

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    Right now availability would seem to top other considerations. Pity. Of course there's no reason a man can't buy both components and store bought ammo. Right now I'm pleasantly surprised. I've a good little load that's accurate, powerful, and hollow point. What's wrong with being able to practice with the load you carry? Just a thought.
  11. tdf

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    My uncle has cases and cases of that South African .308. I wish you could find bulk ammo at those prices these days.
  12. flintknapper

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    A little off the subject here, but the closest thing to the good old days is the "new" Ruskie ammo, 5.45 X 39:

    $240.00 for 2160 rounds ain't bad. I've considered buying an AR upper for that caliber, just to stock up on cheap ammo.
  13. horseshoe1

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