Irma, God's judgement?

Discussion in 'Prayer and Religion' started by clawmute, Sep 9, 2017.

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    I would love to know how you arrived at this conclusion. Are you an atheist who feels belief in God is idiotic? Do you think it idiotic that God might punish a nation? Is it idiotic to see nature used as punishment? What's the reasoning?

    Whatever the answer, that was a cheap shot.
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  2. stealthycat

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    maybe it was a bit harsh but

    to think God sends a hurricane to punish Houston? why Houston? why now? why not 100X stronger and completely level Houston and really get the point across?

    and if God sent it to Houston, he probably sent Irma, and Rita, and Hugo, and Andrew, and well, I guess every hurricane? and tornado, and flood, and drought, and i guess every natural disaster?

    and if God's sending the natural stuff, the disasters .... that means he's sending the good stuff too right? that allowed Houston and south Florida to flourish ?

    or .... maybe its just the earth going through its motions?

  3. stealthycat

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    I don't really think God is punishing only Houston with a hurricane because they voted Trump do you ?

    Seriously? I mean that REALLY sounds reasonable?
  4. JR1

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    Stealthycat, serious question, are you a Christ follower? Do you believe in God?

    It is a dangerous thing to say "if God did this thing, then He must do this other thing." God is completely free to both do and allow to be done as He wishes. His ways are not our ways nor will we ever understand all the "whys" this side of eternity.

    For the record, I'm torn on the issue. I don't necessarily see these storms as punishment, but I also can't rule it out. I certainly know there are a multitude of things God allows which serve to fulfill His greater purpose.
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  5. Rattle-m-up™

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    I don't see the storms as punishment, just like you don't stealthy. However, i don't think anyone is an idiot just because they may think it is. That is the difference.

    As a matter of fact, that is the biggest problem we have in this country right now. Everyone thinks if someone doesn't agree with you, they must be an idiot.

    Liberals think Conservatives are idiots. Conservatives think liberals are idiots.

    You can disagree on a topic and neither person be an idiot.
  6. stealthycat

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    Believe in God yes, try to be a follower yes

    i do not believe in predestination

    Things make sense or they don't JR1. 61 million people voted for Donald Trump, he won like 80% of the counties in the US and 30 states

    And God send a cat 5 to Houston because people in Texas voted Trump ? If I googled right, that county that Houston is voted Hillary by like 13%

    So that doesn't even make sense does it ?
  7. stealthycat

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    Rattle-M-Up actually I can see people disagreeing and that doesn't make them idiots no

    I see examples of people abusing religion - like David Koresh, and I can label and call people like that what they are and that's just what they are.

    Using religion to justify a natural disaster to punish Trump voters who were a minority in Houston anyway .... makes zero sense doesn't it?
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  8. Rattle-m-up™

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    Who said anything about punishing trump voters?
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  9. JR1

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    Straw man argument. No one that I know of mentioned Trump or his supporters being the reason for this.

    It truly isn't a Biblical view to say things either make sense or they don't. Many, maybe most, of the work of God didn't make sense to those without the benefit of hindsight.
  10. I've been called more than an idiot by far superior critics. God uses the foolish things to confound the wise. I readily admit to being one of those foolish things. My wife and I were laughed to scorn and called foolish when we announced that God told us He was sending us a son. It was not easy! Nathan, however thank you very much, is 36 now. God also told me their mouths would be shut at the telling. They were. Be careful who you can a fool or an idiot I've learned. They may have a message for you. I've gotten my deserved comeuppances.

    You know, there are not too many places to have a conversation online where things stay friendly. I post a lot of things probably boring multitudes. But that's OK. I do this I can can say with a right heart. I've considered for a Long time that my tenure here is nearly complete. I'm more certain of it today. I know that I hear from God and take what I post very seriously.

    But I find there is no interest here for the things I present so I will attempt at some point maybe to try elsewhere. I'm pensive about writing this because I know I won't change my mind again.

    Those of you that were friendly and genteel I truly appreciate. I have a need, God given, to pour out and if this is taken as idiocy by some then I realize they don't have a right heart. No matter.

    Continue to seek God in your lives with all your might. Don't allow tradition and religion to limit the work of God in your lives. Fortunately Jesus came and captured me before denominationalism and traditions of men did.

    There are treasures in the Bible yet unmined. Question those who teach you against the word and hold them accountable. Make certain they hold the line scripturally. Press into the Holy Spirit for Him to fill you. You are wanting the "dunamis" - to the power until then. Don't let them tell you He's done with those things. If you know Jesus then you know He will not change. Certainly not because men said so. What saith the word?

    To those of faith and love,I covet your prayers for there are critical needs in our lives as in yours I'm sure. Not being able to return here again will take me awhile to get used to. But I've been an outsider for a lifetime and am accustomed to it. God uses each of us in the special nature He modeled in us individually. You must know that He has something that no one can do except you. "Behold I give you the ministry of encouragement" He spoke as I drove down the street about 38 or 39 years ago. I intend to keep trying to do this. I think I've said everything I needed to.

    Frank Lee Jennings
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  11. Rattle-m-up™

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    Frank, no one wants to see you go, you are an asset to this place. But if you must go...
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    Where does politics or who voted for Trump even fit in to this? You were the very first one to mention it, so I have absolutely no clue how you got off on that tangent...
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    Frank, I know you've got to do what you've got to do, but I'd hate to see you go. I enjoy reading your posts, and although we don't always see things in the same light when it comes to religion, I respect your view point very much. Hope you stick around.
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  14. curdog1

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    I like a lot of his post and I respect his opinion. Stick around
  15. Bucker10

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    He shoots coc heads, speaking of a cheap shot.
  16. John Stiles

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    The Truth is; God did everything, and without him nothing was done! You can go to a bowling alley to test this theory! If you heave a bowling ball down an alley, it will do whatever it does, but if you don't, it will do nothing! God set this monster of a world rolling, and whatever happens and even everything in it can be attributed to Him! and even the hairs on your head are numbered!
  17. I had to contact Tommy so ducked back in for a minute. There's and old saying among Christians "if you're melting them stay if they're freezing you go". Certainly I'm not being frozen but you have a sense of getting nowhere. I want things from God for others but finding open hearts is difficult. Religion and the letter kills the spirit gives life. I have learned the hard way not to burn bridges and I won't burn this one. Once I worked under contract for a former employer, a consulting engineer. I swore I would never work for him again after being jacked around on some issues. Well God has a meeting every morning and asks "I want the names of everyone that said never and always". Turned out that the only work available then was you guessed it through this man. When you say never or always you say my will Lord not yours. This won't work. I realized that we can stop Him from working in us by a stubborn will. I won't by His grace put my will ahead of His. I'm on FB, see you sometime.
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    Well Frank, a lot of your writing needs chewed on and thought about for a while, but doesn't necessarily need a response. It usually stands on it's own with no help from others. Just because no one talks back doesn't mean that no one is listening. I for one read a lot of it, and enjoy the reading.
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    Frank, I don't get on here much anymore. I've found it to be much as you described. But, I still lurk around. I've enjoyed your insights and stories and I think sometimes It's like Whetstone said, you make us think at times and a lack of a reply shouldn't be taken as a lack of interest. One of your best lines, especially considering the context, came from a couple posts up..."I've been called more than an idiot by far superior critics." I grinned pretty big when i read that. But, if you choose to leave us, then all the best to you my brother.

    As far as Stealthy's comments...did anybody expect anything less?
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  20. John Stiles

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    But God gave men their OWN he is not morally culpable for the evil that besets us...we are; if the gift of choice is abused, and the possessor thereof elects to pursue the road of danger and destruction, can he blame God? The man/men who created the automobile is/are not morally to blame for the drunk that crashes into a tree, or another auto. Nor is the man who created cigarettes morally responsible for resulting lung cancer! We don't have to smoke, or drive drunk, but if we chose to do so, we take it(whatever evil befalls us) upon ourselves! But a single voter who votes for a President in and of himself, cannot be responsible for the evil[destruction] that falls on millions of people....that takes a lot bigger "FISH"! A one who is responsible for those millions!