IP's "Nuke and Pave" timber management

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    My dad's deer camp down near Rison has seen plenty of of clear cutting over the years - mostly on the IP-leased land. But IP's "management" of the land has changed somewhat over the last 30 years...

    I remember the cutting they did in the area and part of their lease back in the early/mid 80's was not what some might call "raping" the woods (as some called it then) - the only "clearcut" was in an old growth pine area. The mixed woods were more selective cut - and the treetops were pushed together (though not burned - there were still standing trees nearby). They did make a bit of a mess with their logging roads - but their logging didn't push the wildlife out of the area.

    But as time has passed, IP's management has "evolved" - with just flat-out clearcutting becoming the norm. This past late Summer, they came back and cut the single-largest tract so far affecting Dad's camp - a huge swath of land that was mixed timber - some large pines, along with good hardwoods. I have described the scene as it looks like the USAF used it for practice dropping Daisy Cutters! I don't know how much wood was hauled out of the woods, but there is still an unbelievable amount of wood just laying on the ground like matchsticks. Literally the day after they stopped the cutting/hauling, the land just logged (with scarcely a scraggly tree standing) was sprayed with herbicide to kill EVERYTHING off. So what little green was left was browned. Surrounding brushy areas and thickets are brown and dead. and the overspray has killed trees for 20-40 yards on either side of the massive swath.

    The mess left behind is so thick that you can't walk anywhere but the logging roads without breaking a leg. Where there use to be lots of deer activity and deer signs (not to mention a healthy squirrel population) - it is just dead. No deer sign, other than a scarce track every so often.

    The guys of the camp have had to radically change their hunting tactics - and the early scouting, food plot cultivating, trail clearing, etc. were wasted. At this point, their are usually at least 15 deer taken - this year - 2! I went down and hunted for a few days just before Thanksgiving... I have never been there without seeing deer and deer sign. What a disappointment.

    What they have been told by IP - any day now, there will be a crew on-site with bulldozers to literally scrape the ground clean, as well as pushing the massive amount of remaining downed timber into piles to burn. After that, they will come back with crews to plant pines.

    I'm curious what the purpose of spraying is if they are going to use bulldozers to scrape the ground clean.

    I also cannot help but wonder how the widespread "nuke-and-pave" conversion to straight pine plantations can ultimately be good for wildlife. Over the years, quail, which use to be quite common have completely disappeared. Turkey have disappeared.

    If maximum profits are their goal - then how can they explain many truckloads-worth of big timber they just left laying. Something just doesn't seem logical. It's just sad.
  2. IP (direct management anyway) left south Arkansas several years ago...

    Clear cutting has been the management tool of choice for over 100 years....... all those trees you see were probably cotton fields 70 years ago.

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    The purpose of spraying is so the the planted pines can get a jump start on all of the competition. If it is like Weyerhaueser, for at least two years nothing will grow except sage and thistle, both of which will die out with first frost. We still have lots of deer but the thick honey suckle,
    and green briar just don't come back like it use to. The same blocks of woods have never reached the carrying capacity that there was before cutting and spraying.

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    Deltic does the same thing.
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    Green Bay will turn your pine thicket into a cow pasture, not even a bush left.
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    they cut and generally waste a lot then spray then take dozers and rip furrows and cut roots then plant, furrows catch water for seedlings after few years when pines are estabilish they sell land not much new owner can do but let pine grow to marketable. then they buy pine they get needed timber wo needing to own land and pay taxes and maintain
  7. This. More than likely it is plum creek. Anything ip is probably owned by individuals now
  8. IP still owns a good bit of land..... they just have other people managing it......