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Discussion in 'Razorbacks' started by johnf, Jan 24, 2008.

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    I heard this from a friend of a Razorback football player. This conversation apparently happened at the during spring practice 07. A certain unnamed freshman quarterback along with some of his high school team mates threatened Houston Nutt that if their wasn't a strong shift toward a passing offence then they would leave Arkansas for other pastures. There was some back and forth between them and some upperclassmen about it and Dmac and Jones said that if we went to a passing game they would transfer. So the story goes that Nutt had to choose between the lowest rated qb in the SEC and the Heisman runner up and Jones.

    Can't see that I wouldn't have done the same thing if that story is true.
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    I'd have to agree....BS. Nutt would have cried tears telling that story to the media.
  4. Nathan Emert would have been the only "Freshman" QB in Spring practice in 07 the best I can tell so I think your story is total BS. Take it to another board as most here are pretty savy to Razorback football.
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    BS end of story
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    That story may be about the mitch mustain and his buddies
  7. MM and his buddies were gone in the Spring practice of 2007. They left in Dec of 2006 and January of 2007.
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    OOps I got the year wrong. Yes the qb was MM
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    Still gotta call BS.

    Didn't happen.

    Why some people hate MM, I just don't understand.

    He is a great kid who's only mistake was calling HDN a Dork in front of a reporter. Who hasn't called him a dork? (or worse) Every player on that team has called him much worse than that and it just didn't show up in a book.

    MM was the #1 player in the country and chose Arkansas because he loved Arkansas. He chose Arkansas in spite of the second rate coaching staff who made him promises that EVERYTHING was about to change. MM ALWAYS wanted to be a Razorback.

    The Nutt bunch didn't give him any choice, they ran him off.

    It cost ALL of them thier jobs. THANK GOD!
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    curious to see how MM does this season at SC