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    One of my friends posted this on Facebook.


    So she said they have done 60,000 test and in fact only 500 individuals have tested positive multiple times, not in truth this “XXX number of NEW cases” the media has been reporting. One person infected tested every 12 weeks times 500 would reflect 6000 positive test alone.
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    Would you believe me if I said this whole batflu "pandemic" was created by globalist/communists to get Trump out of office?
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    I know for a fact that is not happening in my local counties. For example, there have been a couple outbreaks in the local counties around my home. If 20 folks test positive this week - there should be a roughly corresponding increase each week for several weeks indicating positive retests - and those county totals around my place have not shown that. You see the significant initial increase in numbers when the outbreak occurs and then you dont see subsequent increases in the following days or weeks.
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    But then you would be colored and that is racist.
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    Not happening up here either. Not saying that some places my be doing it but to make a blanket statement either way is incorrect.

    Regardless of which side people take in their opinions it seems once someone takes a stance they can find information to support that stance and then dig in and ridicule anyone with an opposing view. When this happens it turns into the us versus them conversation.
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    Would you believe me if I told you that Michelle Obama was/is a man.....

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    Yeah, not buying all that either.

    Look........some of you guys need to take one giant step back, and look at things.

    If you say as many are saying that this is way over inflated and it's not that bad at all BECAUSE you don't believe the number of positives is real, and/or you believe the death rate is really low, and that you don't believe the numbers being put out...then you're asking me to not put stock in their numbers. You're asking me, us, to not believe those numbers.

    But then you turn around and say "BUT, please DO believe me. I know the numbers are way lower than being told".

    So give me valid justification that you and your view, and your numbers are better than their numbers.

    Truth is, I don't believe either of you.
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    I was told that if you tested positive more than once you were counted as a new case. I don’t know that anyone would be tested more than a couple of times. I also know of a lady whose father passed away from dementia. When they got his death certificate it stated COVID as cause of death. He had never been tested positive for Covid. I know that for a fact. I’m sure it was so they could collect more for caring for him but it demonstrates the deceit involved in all of this which is where those of us with many doubts are focusing. It takes a million 1 dollar bills to make a man a millionaire but only one lie to make him a damn liar.
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    I also do not believe there is any monetary gain to be had by a care giver of any kind, simply by treating Covid, either actually or falsely. That has been presented several times, and I cannot find a single shred of evidence that it's true, and yes I've asked a lot of doctors.
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    And on down in the "related articles" section there are similar articles from Korea. Also competing articles from other countries.

    But, these are supposed to be peer reviewed scientific articles.
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    Y'all quit worrying about these covid numbers, got a new swine flu outta China looking to make a move on it.
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    Yeah...but, That whole China/WHO deal about keeping the spread secret and a whole host of other reasons leads me to disbelieve anything they say.

    "Infectivity of some asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 carriers might be weak. Effective prevention and control measures are helpful to prevent COVID-19 spread of asymptomatic carriers. The result of this study may alleviate parts of the public concern about asymptomatic infected people."

    Even their conclusion is wrought with uncertain terms like, "some" and "might" and "may". Those are not definite scientific terms. And what does "spread of asymptomatic carriers" mean?

    They put a very sick lady in contact with 35 people who were in contact with 420 more people. They all wore masks when in contact with that lady. Nobody, not one person caught this terribly infectious, economy busting, world stopping, rights infringing virus?

    My conclusion: This virus is bad on old folks, sick folks, and black folks. This virus is not going away. Who knows what any potential vaccine holds in store for us. I have never had a flu shot and I never intend to get one. Healthy people should move about the land with freedom. Not directed to you at all, but people need to quit whining and get on with life as they see fit for themselves, not as they want it for me. I'll do that.
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    It's meth gators in July.
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    YES---I would---but it is still here.
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    One of my very close friend who is in the medical field and is in the hospital/ER (he has also intubated multiple COVID patients) and he stated that there is a $ figure paid for each positive test and even more money if put on a vent. There were multiple news stories stating as such as well, but that’s been a few months ago and I’m honestly not willing to go back and find the stories. Have no reason to believe that he would lie to me, that’s not his M.O. and he gains nothing by telling me a lie. Take it or leave it, makes me no difference, just reporting what I was told by someone who works in a hospital every single day.
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    Then it appears that it is conditionally true. Odd. I have medical folks telling me differently.

    Now the truth is that maybe mine don't know, and yours do. I was just stating what I'd been told. I would have to guess though, that someone has to pay for the testing. What I didn't believe, and still am scratching my head over, is getting paid only for Positives. I can't find cases of that, but your guy says there are.

    just another case of chaos in this stuff.
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