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    We were going through a shed at my grandparents and found this old ledger book from a hardware store my grandad purchased years ago.
    IMG_1107.jpg IMG_1109.jpg
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    A lot of these were 1932-1934.
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    Those guys were stacking up the possums. A few coons, a handful of fox and a couple of beaver, but everything else is possum. Wonder what it was used for back then? Garment trimming? Cool find. Thanks for posting.
  5. Arkie_3_fan

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    It was like that on almost every page. There must have been a ton of possums back then.
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    There were not many coons and no coyotes - so coyotes werent killing the possums. Somewhere around 1936 or 37 - when my dad was about 12 yrs old - he even sold a few mink tracks to the local trappers. Great find.
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    Prices about the same as todays prices. :(
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    I bet them possums got ate for supper also
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    Back in the 30s, I bet it all got ate.
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    That's also the reason you had so many quail back then.
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    Thanks for sharing. Was that on Bradley county?
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    My Granddad was a country Doctor until he died at 56 in 1936. I found his old ledger and it was page after page of charges, but very little money ever changed hands. It was almost all barter, what few paid anything. There were listings like paid on account 1 ham, paid on account 50 corn, paid on account 5 acres of land. He had a list of prices in the front and tooth pulling was a nickel, with deadening a dime. I looked through years of charges and there were lots of nickel teeth pulled, but not a single dime tooth. If I was going to charge it and probably never pay anyway, I think I'd have sprung for the dime tooth pulling.
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    Yes. It was from an old hardware store downtown.