Interco Vampire ATV tires

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  1. Find some blemished tires on there website I want to pick up. Has anyone used these tires? I would like to hear something about them. I want them for some pretty serious off roading and they look as if they will fit the bill. Thanks in advance for the info.
  2. Rebel

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    I have some that were on my sons 2 wheel drive 4-wheeler and they will take you anywhere. He could go places on it that 4X4 wheelers couldnt go with lesser tires.

  3. arcountryboy

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    vamps are bad:censored: tires. Hard to stop em.
  4. mmcginty19

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    They are great tires if most of your riding is gonna be in soft muddy ground. They aren't worth a poo if the majority of your riding is on rocks or hard packed surfaces.
  5. jsilver919

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  6. yeah, most of my riding is off the beaten path. Everyonce in awhile I hit a gravel road but not to often.
  7. jwalker

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    I love vamps too but my kenda bear claws do the job for me
  8. Well the majority of my riding is either in a swamp or really close to it. I snorkled it because of this fact. I do all kinds of extremely deep mud and high water riding. I pretty much have to so I can check the fence and make sure the cattle cant get out. So it souds like the Vampires may be the way I need to go. I found 28 in tires for $68. For the blemished of course but I could care less if you can read the sidewall. Thanks for the input.
  9. schaps72

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    what web site where you looking at?
  10. Those are pretty good prices. For me I don't want a Vampire because they are a rough tire.....I mean the ride.
    But I used to run Super Swampers and they were a good tire.
  11. .375H&H

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    Check these bad boys out !

  12. jublain

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    What are those??
  13. those are the new "Black Mamba". They are supposed to be the best of the best. BUT they are HEAVY. They weight over 60# a peice. They are BAD :censored: looking but my god they cost an arm and a leg and they are rediculously heavy.
  14. Arkie_3_fan

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    Camps are a good tire. I have some on my old Honda 300 and they will get you through some stuff. They actually ride surprisingly well for such an aggressive tire.