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Discussion in 'Fishing' started by keyman157, Feb 10, 2012.

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    Is there a website or other source to find out generation schedules for the dam at Greers Ferry? We are planning our annual trip there for spring break. This will be the week of 19 thru 23 March 2012. I know the schedules don't go out that far, but I want to check before we go. Last year was great with little or no generation and we caught a ton of fish. I'm hoping for more of the same. Thanks in advance.
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    Its a peaking plant so they really just generate when power is needed. Not really a schedule they follow unfortunately. I wish there was though.

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    this web site gives updates i think weekly. It also gives a 14 day forecast based on rain fall and lake flood stage. Water is released on lake flood stage levels also. Hope this helps.
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    Two web sites that you might find useful are:

    1. which allows you to click on the day and it will tell you what they expect to generate during that time. Sometimes SWPA will list a few days in advance but usually they only list the current day.

    2. which is the COE's actual generation for the day.

    Between these two sites, you should be able to figure out what the plan is for that day.

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    Fisherman505 is right, his #1 link will post the expected generation schedule for the next day at 5 pm the previous day for mon-fri. At 5 pm fri the expected generation schedule for the weekend is posted.
    His #2 link will give you information in somewhat delayed real time generation although it's about an hour or so behind real timeout. The important thing to watch for is the current elevation. Right now it's at 462 ft that's important because if the lake level is above 461 ft it is in flood pool and generation is determined by the Corps of Enginneers and they run it at high levels of generation until it reaches 461. ( with 2 generators running it will usually drop .3 to .4 ft/ day). Once it reaches 461 then southwest power takes over the generation based on energy demand. Typically, once below 461 ft you'll have periods of no generation, especially on the weekends when energy demand is lowest. Of course all this is subject to change with heavy rains, etc but you can expect good fishing with low water in late March given no flooding conditions.
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    I probably should have pointed out that those two sites are good for many lakes in Arkansas and Oklahoma. The SWEPCO Site covers the following lakes: . Also, if you look at: you will see all the COE-controlled lakes in Arkansas.


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    Thanks for the replies. Like I said, last year was the best fishing in a long time and I kind of got spoiled. I have been going up there since the mid 80s when I was stationed at Pine Bluff Arsenal. The unit would go up there for a week of "Adventure Training." The NCOIC would call someone and kind of have the generation manipulated during that week so we could do some water survival training (fishing). Good times back then. Once again, thanks for the replies.
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    You can call the dam at 501-362-5150 and a recording will tell you when the last generation started or ended and how many units are on line. If wade fishing call when you get in the water. It takes about 3 hours for water to get from the dam to the swinging bridge. Mark a rock and when the water starts rising get out. It can come up real fast in 5-7 minutes